Candida Diet No-Nos

© Copyright Bee Wilder, Revised June 29, 2012

Revised December 11, 2011 to remove mushrooms.
Revised April 9, 2012: 1) to correct beans, and 2) To delete canned foods and moldy greens, 3) to delete truffles, and 4) to delete pasteurized references.
Revised June 29, 2012 to add ALL Flour, of any kind.

Beverages/Drinks Eggs Fruit Miscellaneous Sugars/All
ALL Processed Drinks ALL processed eggs all except lemons & limes2 additives includes natural & artificial9
alcoholic drinks dried or powdered eggs coconut meat/flakes/flour drugs carob
caffeinated beverages substitute eggs fruit extracts dyes chocolate
carbonated beverages fruit flavoring flavorings cocoa
dairy substitute drinks 13 Fats/Oils supplements with fruit fluoride glycerine
distilled water1 ALL unnatural fats hormones 11 honey
flavored drinks canola Grains, Nuts & Seeds irradiated foods maple syrup/flavoring
fruit drinks/juices2 corn oil/mazola All grains, nuts & seeds, protein powders/whey molasses
milk/dairy beverages flaxseed oil and any foods that mints/breath candies vanilla extract

hempseed oil contain them. MSG/carrageenan, etc.
pop & soda margarine/fake butter
over-the-counter meds Note: If it tastes sweet
protein drinks nut & seed oils ALL Flour, of any kind pesticides it contains sugar!
reverse osmosis water1 safflower

sport drinks shortening
soy products/additives
softened water (contains salt) soybean oil/lecithin Herbs/Spices sugar/salt on labels Vegetables

irradiated spices

(all commercial spices
are irradiated)
yeast, except10 beans from pods

sugar/salt in processed foods supplements, some8 (includes soybeans)
all processed condiments
Fermented Foods/Drinks spices in processed foods toothpaste with fluoride/sugar carrots
(ketchup, mayonnaise, beet kvass corn
mustard, salad dressing, kombucha Meats Pickled Foods parsnips
salsa, sauces, relish, etc.) kefir4 processed meats(bacon, all processed relish & peas/all
vinegar, commercial3 yogurt4 sausage, lunch meat, pickled foods, i.e. olives potatoes
all dairy except butter
any that contain sugar & table salt smoked meat, or with pickles, onions, beets, squash, some12
buttermilk any foods not on diet nitrates, sulphites, salt, eggs, garlic, etc. sweet potatoes
sugar, dyes, etc. yams
cottage cheese Fish/Seafoods meats packed in "bad" oils

cream/all farmed fish (salmon,
kefir4 shrimp, trout, etc.) Dairy Substitutes 13

milk canned fish, some5 almond milk

sour cream tuna6 coconut milk/cream/water
yogurt4 rice milk

soy milk
  1. Reverse osmosis and distilled water contain no minerals and actually leach, or pull out, minerals from the body. Taking any processed minerals or adding them to the water does not help, since processed minerals cannot possibly duplicate minerals Mother Nature provides.
  2. Lemonade or limeade are not advisable since too much fruit is used to make them. Also be cautious about how much lemon and lime is consumed in a day, since they contain sugar (fructose), and some unhealthy people cannot tolerate them until they have been on the program for some time.
  3. Do not consume any commercial vinegars or foods that contain vinegar. Some unhealthy people do okay having unpasteurized, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, i.e. Bragg's or Eden's.
  4. Kefir and yogurt contain sugars. During the fermentation process lactose is changed into another sugar, called galactose. Kefir also contains alcohol.
  5. Fish packed in soybean, safflower, canola or any oil other than olive are not okay. This also includes those packed in tomato, mustard, etc. Packed in spring water is best.
  6. Any tuna that does not state the kind of fish on the label, and other than Skipjack or Albacore.
  7. deleted
  8. Supplements that contain sugar, gluten, yeast, wheat, soy, dairy, preservatives, etc.
  9. See: Sugars, Sugar Substitutes & Artificial Sweeteners
  10. Except Nutritional Yeast "Flakes," but not nutritional yeast nor brewers yeast.
  11. Includes hormone replacement therapy, bio-identical hormones, birth control pills, progesterone cream or pills, and other types of hormones.
  12. All squash, except zucchini, spaghetti and Summer squash.
  13. All commercial dairy substitutes are processed and contain "bad" oils and fats, and other unacceptable ingredients.
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