Urinary Tract Infection UTI Causes Treatments

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What is The Urinary Tract System?

The urinary tract system consists of the kidneys, ureters (tubes from the kidneys to the bladder), bladder, and the urethra tube (drains urine from the bladder to the outside of the body). The key elements in the system are the kidneys, which are a pair of purplish–brown organs located below the ribs toward the middle of the back near the spine.

The kidneys remove excess liquids and wastes products from the blood in the form of urine, keeps a stable balance of electrolytes (salts and minerals), and other substances in the blood. They also produce a hormone that aids in the formation of red blood cells.

Narrow tubes, called ureters, carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder, a triangle-shaped chamber in the lower abdomen. Urine is stored in the bladder and empties through the urethra tube to the outside of the body.

What Causes a Urinary Tract Infection?

Contrary to claims by the medical industry and other published literature candida, yeast, fungi, and bacteria are not the “"cause" of infections or diseases in the body; instead they are the "result" of poor and failing health since the body itself creates all fungi or bugs, as needed, in order to clear out toxins, just like bugs do in all of Nature.

Many researchers and scientist throughout history have proved that germs, bacteria, fungus (including candida), cancer, etc. are the result of the poor condition (health) of the body, and that the body itself creates them. They have proved the existence of a single micro–organism, or microbe, that is found everywhere in Nature, i.e. on rocks, plants, in soil, and in all animals and humans on Earth. Modern microscopes commonly used in the medical field today are not able to detect these microbes because they are too small. In order to see these microbes researchers who discovered them use special microscopes. For example, one researcher, Gaston Naessens, designed and built a microscope he called the "Somatoscope."

Since these researchers existed at different times, they made their discoveries independent of each other, so they called them by different names, including microzymas, protits, somatids, etc., but it is obvious they were all seeing the same "tiny dots", or microbes.

These microbes can be seen in human blood, emerging from red blood cells, and they can be seen changing into many different kinds of organisms. The ability to change into different forms is called "pleomorphism." Pleomorphism means many forms; many or more (pleo–), forms or bodies (morph–), capable of changing from one type of organism into another. This is what modern scientists call mutation (changing) of viruses or bacteria into antibiotic resistant forms.

Special microscopes showed such changes happening right before their eyes. [Note: Today’s live blood analysis can show similar details, but improperly prepared vein blood is used, and the results are totally mis–interpreted.] These researchers saw tiny microbes change into bacteria, and then the bacteria changed into fungus/yeast, and finally the fungus changed into cancer. Gaston Naessens called this tiny microbe a somatid (which means "tiny body"), and here is his diagram of the changes he saw happening in his microscope, called The Somatid Cycle of Life.

However, these changes do not only take place inside our bodies, since they also occur everywhere in Nature, as this article on Cleaning Up Waste states:

“Everything under the sun degrades, or breaks down, into different materials. Fallen leaves become compost, iron rusts, milk turns sour, and food ‘goes bad.’ Just as light, heat, and moisture can degrade many materials, biotechnology relies on naturally occurring, living bacteria to perform similar functions. Some bacteria naturally ‘feed’ on chemicals and other wastes, including some hazardous materials. They consume those materials, digest them, and excrete harmless substances in their place.” Many scientists today are discovering the ability of bacteria and fungus to clean up the environment — here’s a couple of examples of their research:

  1. Chicken Manure Biodegrades Crude Oil In Contaminated Soil—Researchers in China have discovered that chicken manure [guano] can be used to biodegrade [break down] crude oil in contaminated soil. Writing in the International Journal of Environment and Pollution the team explains how bacteria in chicken manure [guano] break down 50% more crude oil than soil lacking the guano.
  2. Fungus Fights Air Pollution By Removing Sulfur From Crude Oil — Researchers in Iran are publishing what they describe as the first study on a fungus that can remove sulfur — a major source of air pollution — from crude oil more effectively than conventional refining methods.

The purpose of bacteria and fungus are to "clean up" garbage, toxins, waste, etc. found anywhere in Nature. As needed, they change into bacteria, and then into different kinds of bacteria, and finally into fungal forms like candida/yeast and cancer, when bacteria are not able to do the clean up necessary. To claim they are the "cause" of disease is like saying "flies cause manure piles," or "firemen cause fires".

In other words, germs, bacteria, fungi (including candida and cancer) and everything in-between are the "result," and not the "cause", of disease! If "germs" are there as the result, not the cause, then to treat germs with antibiotics (toxins) is in fact very wrong! Unfortunately, this misconception about disease affects all aspects of modern medicine today.

To understand more about pleomorphism, see The Somatid Cycle of Life by Naessens, and look at live, moving and changing somatids (tiny microbes) in this video, Earth’s Tiniest Living Organisms: Somatids (Identify: Friend or Foe?).

Therefore, these researchers prove that the Germ Theory of Disease is False. Theory means "to guess without having proof. It is not a law like the Law of Gravity. The Law of Gravity is a law because it is consistent, repeatable, and observable.

Louis Pasteur created the Germ Theory of Disease, yet he proved to be a fraud and an impostor, who stole other researchers’ ideas and forced his beliefs on the medical community, as this article documents—You Cannot "Catch" Germs, Bacteria or Viruses.

The Germ Theory of Disease claims we can "catch" all bugs/germs. However, &quot:IF that were true" we would ALL have ALL of the bugs/germs ALL of the time because they are everywhere! That means life on Earth could not have happened! It also means we could never get over a cold, flu, or any other disease "supposedly" caused by bugs/germs, since we would constantly be re-infecting ourselves.

When we are sick, it is we who suffer, and suffering is a cruel reality. However, the cause of our dis-eased condition is always within ourselves.", which is according to Nature’s Fundamental Laws on Health and Living. Please note that the word diseased is hyphenated to emphasize its meaning, which is "not–at–ease".

Pleomorphism also explains why germs mutate, changing into stronger ones that become resistant to antibiotic drugs, that the medical industry is always talking about. This also contradicts (opposes) their own belief in monomorphism, which means one (mono–) body or form for each kind of bug/germ. The truth is, any germs and bacteria can, and do, change into other forms, as proved by many reputable researchers, scientists and doctors since the early 1800s, including Antoine Béchamp, Gaston Naessens, Raymond Royal Rife, Gunther Enderlein, and others.

Primary Causes of All Failing Health, including Urinary Tract Infections:

  1. Lack of the correct combination of nutrients all Humans need in order to be healthy, see Food Selection for Humans and Nutrients Required for Human Health and Healing.
  2. Lack of oxygen at a cellular level and/or the inability of the cells to utilize oxygen.
  3. Accumulation of toxins, poisons, and waste because of an inability of the body to detoxify like it should.
  4. Lowered vitality (energy) due to stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets, losses, relationship or financial worries, being unhealthy, etc., and a lack of energy at a cellular level.
  5. Poor "Nutritional Status" acquired from parents upon conception in the womb, i.e. nutritional deficiencies and/or imbalances that damage the sperm and egg (ovum).

Infections Cannot Be Cured by Killing off Bugs!

The only way cure any kind of infection is by getting healthy, which is done by:

  1. Consuming the correct combination of nutrients Humans need in order to be healthy.
  2. Eliminating foods and substances that are damaging to the Human body.
  3. Eliminating toxins in general.

When you are healthy enough your body will have no need to create bugs, bacteria, candida/fungi, etc. It is like the manure pile and the flies, with the manure pile representing poor health. You cannot get rid of the manure pile by killing off the flies. You must clean up the manure pile instead, which means getting healthy.
according to Nature’s Laws on Health. Also see Healing Naturally, General Information.

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How to Ease Urinary Tract Symptoms

  • While urinating pour a cup of warm water over the genital area. It will help relieve burning and stinging.
  • Apply unrefined coconut oil liberally to the entire genital area, and ensure you are also consuming unrefined coconut oil along with the candida diet.
  • Avoid caffeine from all sources (chocolate, tea, coffee, etc.) because it is irritating to the urinary tract
  • Take a 20–minute hot sitz bath once a day, to which you have added 1/2 cup of baking soda. A sitz bath is a bath taken in the sitting position, with enough water to only cover the hips and buttocks. It helps relieve the pain associated with UTI.
  • Do not delay emptying the bladder. Go to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge, and do not "hold it".
  • Do not use any kind of bubble bath products or soaps in bath water.
  • Wear white cotton underwear that gives full coverage and allows the area to breathe.
  • Use a biodegradable phosphate-free natural laundry detergent.
  • Never use deodorants, sprays, or powders on delicate tissues in that area.
  • Do not use any soap directly on the area, cleanse with only water.
  • Use sanitary pads and panty liners that are made from unbleached, natural products, like cotton, which can irritate the urethra opening.
  • Use unbleached toilet paper. Colored or bleached paper can be very irritating to the genital area, especially the urethra.
  • Pain in the calf muscles on both legs can indicate congestion in the bladder area, so massaging them can help.

Treatments that Assist Healing

Treatments assist healing but they do not cure it, since healing must come from inside, mainly because of building up cellular health with the correct combination of nutrients.

Parsley tea is a helpful treatment which has been a used traditionally to treat urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and liver, bladder and prostrate problems. The Cherokee Indians, who learned of its medicinal value from the settlers, drank parsley tea for kidney and bladder pain, and dropsy (edema, or water retention).

Culpepper’s Complete Herbal & English Physician book states: "that using the whole plant is best, including the root, and when it is fresh gathered. A strong infusion cleanses the kidneys and the urinary passages in a short time. It is likewise good in jaundice, and other complaints arising from obstructions of the liver. It is also helpful for gas, in both the stomach and the bowels."

It is best to use fresh parsley, including the stems, to make a tea. But if you can get the roots as well it will make the treatment even more potent and helpful. Drink 4 cups per day for 7 days to cure urinary tract infection. Your symptoms will greatly decrease after 3 days, but continue for 4 more days.

If you are pregnant, parsley oil, juice, and seeds should be avoided because they are uterine stimulants, but the tea recommended below is quite safe to drink.

Do not continue drinking 4 cups of tea for long periods of time, past 7 days, since it is diuretic, meaning it makes your body lose water along with important minerals. Ensure you are getting plenty of minerals by having at least 1 teaspoon of ocean sea salt (that contains over 84 minerals) per day.

Ensure your drinking water and water used for cooking is from a natural source like "true" Spring water or regular tap water filtered by a charcoal filter like Brita or PUR brands, that filter out chlorine and other contaminants but not all of the natural minerals from Nature.

Do not drink distilled or reverse osmosis water since all of the natural minerals are removed and they can leach minerals from the body. Also, do not drink softened water since it is high in sodium that is extremely diuretic, making your body lose water along with important minerals.

How to make Parsley Tea

  • Boil 4 cups of non-chlorinated water.
  • Remove the water from the heat.
  • Mince (cut up finely) 4 heaping teaspoons of fresh parsley (including stems, & roots if you can get them).
  • Steep 20 minutes and then strain it.
  • Drink hot or cold, and it may be reheated without harming it. It will keep in the refrigerator for about 5 days.
  • Drink 4 cups throughout the course of one day, for 7 days only.