White Blood Cells' Purpose

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Our system is normally made up of various types of white blood cells and molecules it produces, as well as healing substances they produce that is part of the normal reaction by the body to health problems, toxins, etc., which is called a cytokine reaction. Cytokine reactions involve a large number and many different regulators produced throughout the body by cells, which are healing and detoxifying reactions.

White blood cells and molecules normally reside (located) in the lymphatic tissues and bloodstream, and migrate (move) to certain areas when needed to perform their specialized duties:

  1. They create inflammation as the result of an injury in order to detoxify, repair, and rebuild the area.
  2. They produce substances that detoxify and/or neutralize toxins - they are mainly what pus is made up of which is found around all inflammations.
  3. They pick up toxins throughout the body and dispose of them through various elimination organs like the mucus membranes, liver, skin, kidneys, lungs, etc. which also creates inflammation.

All inflammatory processes are associated with white blood cells. It is their duty to engulf and destroy all foreign matter, particularly toxins, and to "clean up" the area, along with other important functions. Please note that germs or bugs, such as viruses, bacteria, candida/fungus and cancer (also a form of fungus), are not "foreign matter," since all cells create them when needed - see The Germ Theory of Disease is False.

White blood cells do not inflict disease even though they are identified with the disease processes. In fact, they are "helpers" in the healing process, i.e. the housekeepers of the body.

The cells can get external toxic build up, when toxins begin to accumulate on the outside of the cell. One of the reasons this happens is when the cell membrane is not constructed as Nature intended, that allows toxins to stick to them, which in turn makes the cell membrane stiff/rigid.

Note: According to Nature, healthy cell membranes must be constructed out of 50% saturated fat, except for lung cell membranes which must be constructed out of 100% saturated fat. Saturated fats are mainly from animal sources such as butter and lard, and are also very high in unrefined coconut oil, which must be included in the diet - see Unnatural Fats & Oils Damage the Entire Body. Also see The Cholesterol Theory is Totally False.

This deprives the cell of the natural flow of water, nutrients, hormones, oxygen, etc. into it, interferes with its ability to communicate, and it also restricts the exit of the natural waste the cells needs to get rid of.

Once again cell function is compromised so the cells can no longer function correctly. The more the toxins build up, the less efficient the cell becomes and therefore the longer this goes on, the harder it is to reverse the process.

The main process the body uses to solve this problem is to produce more white blood cells to clean up (clear out the toxins), particularly those on the outside of the cell membranes.

However some toxins do get through the cell membranes interfering with its internal operation. Toxins achieve this more when there is low cell integrity/health which also forces the cells to create bugs (viruses, bacteria, and even fungus) in order to help clean up toxins and expel them. White blood cells play an important part in this operation as well.

In order to eject the toxin, along with their own natural waste products, the cell needs to use its own energy. If the cell does not have spare energy to do this, a build up can start and the dis-ease processes proceed.

This is mainly caused by the same four things that cause all failing health:

  1. Lack of proper nutrition and oxygen - see Bee's Healthy Programs that provide this:
  2. Accumulation of toxins, poisons, and waste.
  3. Lowered vitality due to stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets, relationship or financial worries and concerns, etc.
  4. Nutritional status inherited from your parents upon conception, which can be corrected by proper nutrition.
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