Almonds, How to Remove Skins, Soak & Dry Them

Buy only raw nuts which have not been toasted or roasted since they contain “bad” oils that are damaging to health.

Note: Almonds in many countries are now being irradiated (zapped with radiation), which changes and damages the body’s cells when they are consumed. Please check regulations in your area.

Since all nuts contain phytates that block the absorption of minerals in the digestive tract, and enzymes that interfere with protein digestion, they must be soaked in salt water and dried to make them fit to eat.


  1. Put the almonds in a pot and pour boiling water over them.
  2. Let them set for three minutes, and drain off the water.
  3. Slip the skins off by squeezing the almonds between your thumb and fingers.
  4. Rinse them, and then soak them. Soak 4 cups of nuts in warm filtered water with 1 tablespoon of ocean sea salt added (you can split the amount of sea salt accordingly if you are soaking less nuts).
  5. Leave at room temperature for 7 hours, and drain and rinse them.
  6. Spread them out on a stainless steel cookie sheet.
  7. Place them in the oven on the lowest shelf with only the oven light on. Almonds burn easily so check them periodically. It is much safer to air-dry almonds even though it takes a lot longer.
  8. Store nuts in glass containers with lids on them, and keep them in the refrigerator. They tend to get molds very easily after being soaked and dried, so ensure they contain no moisture.