Disease Processes Versus Healing Processes

Actually every disease is the result of poor health, and it is simply “a sign” that something is not right, that Natural Healers called them “warnings from nature”.

In fact all disease processes are exactly the same as natural healing processes that the body itself creates, with only one difference. When our bodies get the correct combination of nutrients they need, and when toxins and damaging foods are eliminated, they become able to progress towards health, reversing the disease processes, by detoxifying, repairing and rebuilding all cells and tissues.

To this day the medical industry continues labeling each and every “sign of Nature” that something is wrong with complicated separate disease names. Their unending lists are becoming more and more complex and tangled in mystery, which makes people follow them like sheep to the slaughter. In fact many physicians today deny the body can heal itself and that only their treatments help, i.e. drugs, surgery and radiation, so they are simply poisoning, slashing and burning our bodies in the name of health! In fact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations state that only a drug can diagnose, treat or cure any disease! That is insane because a drug is a thing!

The truth is each and every sign, symptom, disease, organ malfunction, reaction, etc. is evidence the body is working hard at maintaining its health in spite of poor nutrition, toxins, stress, etc., since healing symptoms and reactions are exactly the same as disease symptoms and reactions,see Nature’s Laws on HealthNature Needs No Remedy, and Inflammation and Infection are Natural Healing Processes.