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If you become concerned about your symptoms, or you believe you are having a heart attack, appendicitis attack, stroke or any other medical emergency you need to get to the hospital emergency room FAST. Doctors can and do save lives. Then you may survive long enough to recover. Afterward you will be able to address nutritional deficiencies with a proper diet and supplements.

Nutrition can help the body heal naturally but it is a slow process. If someone is suffering a heart attack, stroke, appendicitis, blocked bowels, problems breathing or other life-threatening conditions they are way beyond that. Such life-threatening conditions cannot be remedied fast enough to save your life and medicine is very good at handling them.

If you have any other symptoms you feel could be serious it is recommended that you see the doctor first. He or she may know exactly what is wrong and be able to handle it easily. If the doctor’s recommendations seem strange, get a second opinion. If doctors give up on you, say it is all in your head or they say nothing is wrong (as they have done with many people), then you are free to seek other types of assistance such as diet, supplements and other natural treatments.