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Viruses Are Not Alive

A virus is an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid (chemical compound) molecule in a protein coat.  Read more..

Oil of Oregano

Oil of oregano is a completely natural substance derived from wild oregano species. The plant grows in remote mountainous regions free of pollution. Only the leaves of the flowering plant are used. They are picked precisely when the plant is highest in essential oil.  Read more..

How to Take Hydrochloric Acid Supplements (HCL)

Digestive problems like heartburn, called acid reflux (GERD, or Gastroesophageal reflux disease), stomach upsets, nausea, heaviness after eating, etc. are caused by low stomach acid, not high stomach acid (called hydrochloric acid or HCl).  Read more..

Pancreas, Signs of Poor Function, and Treatments

Symptoms of poor pancreatic function (pancreatic insufficiency) do not occur until about 90% of pancreatic function has been lost. The pancreas normally contributes to the digestion of different types of food, the absorption of food breakdown products from the digestive tract, and the metabolism of blood glucose (blood sugar).  Read more..

Calcium Made from Eggshells

Eggshell calcium presents healthy, balanced calcium due to trace amounts of other minerals contained in it. Eggshell calcium is probably the best natural source of calcium, and it is easier for your body to digest and absorb.  Read more..

How Do You Identify a Good Quality Coconut Oil?

One of the questions I’m asked most often is: How can a person identify a good quality coconut oil? There is a way you can tell a high quality coconut oil from the rest.  Read more..

Eye Treatments

"Only the body can heal itself, and all healing must come from within your body, mainly with nutrients.".  Read more..

Bees Health Programs

The Five Primary Causes of All Failing Health.  Read more..

Why Antifungals Are Not Needed

This information applies to ALL antimacrobial substances including antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antibiotic, antiprotozoa, etc.  Read more..

Adrenal Malfunction and How to Improve It

The adrenals are part of the endocrine system of glands which are the chemical “policemen” that regulate the functioning of our bodies and minds.  Read more..

Urinary Tract Infection UTI Causes Treatments

The urinary tract system consists of the kidneys, ureters (tubes from the kidneys to the bladder), bladder, and the urethra tube (drains urine from the bladder to the outside of the body).  Read more..

Coffee Enemas For Detoxification

The large colon is the last part of the intestines, before reaching the rectum. By the time stools/feces arrive in the colon, most nutrients and 90 percent of the water have been absorbed into the bloodstream by the small intestines.  Read more..

Ear Treatments

Your ears are lined with mucus membranes where excess mucus and wax can be created in order to clear out toxins just like other areas of your body that have mucus membranes, i.e. eyes, nose, sinuses, mouth, throat, digestive tract, lungs, bladder, and the reproductive system.  Read more..

Why Psyllium is Not Recommended

Psyllium is a soluble fiber (fiber), which is a seed husk that comes from plants most commonly grown in India called plantains, which includes about 200 different species.  Read more..

Lose Weight

This program is for people who are healthy and who only need to lose weight.  Read more..

Water Retention Causes and Treatments

Water retention is called Edema, which is the abnormal build up of fluid in the body. Edema is commonly seen in the feet and ankles.  Read more..

Niacin Vitamin B3

Niacin is a water-soluble B vitamin, called vitamin B3. Other forms of niacin like nicotinamide, niacinamide and non-flushing types (timed-released) do not provide the benefits that "true" niacin does.  Read more..

Clear Water Enema Procedures

It is best to do an enema right after a bowel movement so the bowel is empty. When self–administering an enema is it easier to use a bulb syringe rather than an enema bag. Read more..

Coconut Oil For Digestive Disorders

If you saw a newspaper headline which stated "Crohn’s Disease Patients Find Relief by Eating Cookies" you may think the editor was a little kooky.  Read more..

Foods that Damage, Foods that Heal

Your journey towards health begins by reading and learning..   Read more..

Lose Weight and Heal Naturally

Carbohydrates (carbs) are foods that are not classified as protein or fat, which includes grains, nuts, seeds, legumes (beans or peas from pods), fruits, vegetables..   Read more..

Abdominal & Ileocecal Valve Massage

What? The ileocecal valve is a sphincter (circular muscle) which is found where the small intestine..   Read more..

Dry Skin Brushing

The skin plays a vital role in ridding the body of toxins and impurities. Dry skin brushing is one of the best techniques to open up..   Read more..

How to Calculate Protein, Fat and Carb Food Ratios

Adults under 5 feet tall, babies and children under 12 years of age calculate their ratios differently than adults 5 feet tall ..   Read more..

Oral [mouth] Thrush Causes and Treatments

Oral thrush is normally described as an infection of yeast fungi, called Candida, on the mucous membranes of the mouth.   Read more..

Stomach Acid Problems

Many people today, and most candida sufferers, have digestive problems, which is mainly caused by the stomach producing "too little" stomach acid..   Read more..

Candida Treatments for Babies & Children

Babies inherit their parents’ “nutritional status” upon conception, as Dr. Weston A. Price writes in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration..   Read more..

iHerb – Products Bee Recommends

If you have not ordered from iHerb before, get $10.00 off for any order of $40.00 US or more..   Read more..

Weak Stomach

Question: I have been diagnosed with a condition called gastroparesis. The doctor has given me a drug called Reglan..   Read more..

Hering’s Law of Cure

Hering’s Law of Cure is the basis of all healing. This is the way the body heals or cures itself...   Read more..

Irregular Heartbeats & Heart Palpitations

Irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias), heart attacks, and general endothelial dysfunction seem related to reduced levels of a substance called nitric oxide...   Read more..

Cloves and Clove Oil

To lift the spirits, blend clove oil with cinnamon, orange, nutmeg or vanilla
oils. Using this warming blend in an evaporator will soon fill the room and
relieve winter blues...   Read more..

Parasites and Virgin Coconut Oil

There are two general groups of parasites. One consists of worms such as tape worms and roundworms. The second category is the protozoa, one-celled organisms...   Read more..

Bee's Groups

View Bee's groups.   Read more..

Prebiotics FOS & Inulin Not Recommended

Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and inulin are types of fructo-polysaccharides, comprised of..   Read more..

Helicobacter Pylori and Low Stomach Acid

While "stress" was a popular basis for stomach ulcers years ago, Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori) has become the ever popular cause for peptic..   Read more..

Breathing Through Your Nose is Essential

Did you know that breathing through the nose creates an avenue of air that is..   Read more..

Grains, Nuts, Seeds and Legumes Must Be Properly Prepared

There are no grains, nuts, seeds, or legumes on Bee’s Healthy Program..   Read more..

Skin Treatment with Garlic & Coconut Oil Ointment

This treatment kills Candida/fungus, parasites, bacteria and viruses when applied directly on the areas affected.   Read more..

ThreeLac is Not Recommended

ThreeLac has become popular simply because it is very highly marketed and advertised, but there are very good reasons not to take ThreeLac, and why it is not recommended..   Read more..

Colloidal Mineral Dangers

Several types of mineral supplements are available commercially including chelated minerals, mineral salts, minerals dissolved in water and “colloidal” mineral preparations..   Read more..

How to Ensure Good Digestion

Many people today have digestive problems, which is mainly caused by the stomach producing "too little" stomach acid..   Read more..

Garlic Tea

This tea is great for any respiratory problems, i.e. pneumonia, flu, cold, cough, bronchitis, etc..   Read more..

The Leaky Gut Theory is False

The theory is that the leaky gut syndrome (also called increased intestinal permeability), is the result of an altered or damaged intestinal lining..   Read more..

Anxiety and Depression, Help For

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental and emotional issues, that can also include irritability, anger issues..   Read more..

Hiatal Hernia Massage

The hiatal hernia results from the upward displacement of the stomach and the resultant kinking of the esophagus..   Read more..

Food Selection for Humans

All human bodies are exactly the same, just like animals of the same species are in the wild..   Read more..

Heavy Metals, Natural Chelation

Chelation comes from the Greek word echelei, meaning "claw." This means that chelating agents literally clasp or claw minerals..   Read more..

Hot Peppers & Their Health Benefits

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, is so hot that it can make your mouth feel like it’s on fire...   Read more..

Itching Causes & Treatments

Itching is one of the many symptoms unhealthy people can experience. Sometimes it is severe and intense, to the point of driving a person crazy..   Read more..

Jock Itch, Causes and Treatments

Jock itch, like any other kind of health problem, is due to The Five Primary Causes of All Failing Health..   Read more..

Deep Breathing Exercises Help You Heal

Many functions through your body are regulated by your autonomic nervous system, which controls important actions of the heart, glands and the muscles of organs, veins, arteries, etc..   Read more..

How to Detoxify Effectively

Our bodies requires a certain combination of nutrients in order to be healthy, including a foods direct from Nature and a few supplements..   Read more..

Organic, Inorganic, Metallic & Non-Metallic Minerals

Minerals are inorganic and organic substances that originate in the earth and cannot be made in the body..   Read more..

Why Probiotics Are Not Needed

In the History of Probiotics we find the term “probiotics” was first introduced in 1953 by Kollath..   Read more..

Cod Liver Oil Products or Brands with Nutrient Levels

Most people today are not able to meet all of the requirements for making vitamin D on their skin even in the Summer Months..   Read more..

Contact Bee

As you can appreciate Bee gets overloaded with personal emails, so please join her Yahoo Candida Support Group, where all of the discussions on health..   Read more..

Protein, Glucagon and Insulin

The two basic hormones we need to keep in check are insulin and glucagon..   Read more..

Liver Nutrient Comparison Chart(beef, lamb, veal, chicken, duck, goose, turkey)

View the chart..   Read more..

Sea Salt Baths

There’s nothing like a soak at the end of the day. No longer isolated to use in spas, salt baths are becoming common practice..   Read more..

9–Day Program

Help with Detoxification and Digestion..   Read more..

Anemia Treatments

Pernicious anemia is a debilitating disease caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Until 1926 the only treatment for the disease was blood transfusions...   Read more..

The Optimal Diet

Jan Kwasniewski is a Polish medical doctor, who developed the Optimal Diet that is a high in animal fat, moderate protein..   Read more..

The Benefits of “True” Ocean Sea Salt

Why is it so hard to objtain.... but also, how dow we recognize the real thing?   Read more..

How Our Bodies React to Poisons (Toxins)

Poisons, also called toxins, are any substance that causes injury, illness or death of a living organism...   Read more..

Mycotoxic Foods – Top Ten

Mycotoxins are fungal toxins.  Dr. Mercola’s Comment..   Read more..

Nutrients Required for Human Health & Healing

The human body is composed of thousands of different chemicals, many that it can manufacture itself to sustain health..   Read more..

The Importance of Good Ocean Sea Salt in the Diet

Ocean sea salt should be taken with meals. It can be added to foods before or after cooking..   Read more..

How to Care for Your Teeth & Gums

Fluoride is Poison!   Read more..

Retracing, Healing Reactions and Flare-ups

Healing reactions are symptoms related to eliminating toxic substances, healing chronic infections, or other metabolic changes..   Read more..

Not Recommended Supplements, Treatments, etc

Read more..

Vital Functions of Salt in the Body

Salt has many other functions than just regulating the water content of the body. Here are some of the more vital functions of salt in the body..   Read more..

Bentonite Clay in Not Good to Use

Bentonite clay is the trade name for a commercial type of clay which uses the Smectite group of clays, called montmorillonite clay..   Read more..

Raw Versus Cooked Carbs (Plant Foods)

Many food faddists today recommend eating all raw foods, including freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. “They claim” heat destroys enzymes in plant foods..   Read more..

How to Make a Donation to Bee

If the information on Healing Naturally by Bee helps you and you wish to give a
donation, it would be greatly appreciated.   Read more..

Do Antidepressants Permanently Rewire the Human Brain?

Psychotherapists love to argue. We argue about treatment theories, about our clients and their families, about the office coffeepot..   Read more..

Healing Reactions

The severity and/or number of healing reactions you will experience depends on how often your body has been exposed to toxins and/or been traumatized during your lifetime..   Read more..

Healthy Diet, How to Get Started

It can be very overwhelming to be unhealthy and/or overweight and also face the amount of information you need to learn in order to get healthy..   Read more..

The Truth About Candida, Yeast, Thrush (fungi)

Over the last 60 years the wide–spread use of prescription and psychiatric drugs, including antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy..   Read more..

Die-Off Symptoms and How to Handle Them

The term “die-off symptoms” is no longer used on this website because it was fabricated (made up) by the medical field in order to make us believe antibiotic drugs..   Read more..

Dill Water

Dill water is helpful for stomach upsets, gas and bloating..   Read more..

Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendonitis & Related Diseases

What IS Arthritis..   Read more..

Protein Isolate Powder Not Recommended (Includes Whey)

Protein isolate powder is not recommended, because as Sally Fallon writes, “We have already seen that both fats and carbohydrates can be devitalized by processing and refining.   Read more..

Inflammation and Infection are Natural Healing Processes

Inflammatory processes can be kept within safe limits, and they must be assisted in their constructive tendencies by the natural methods of treatment.   Read more.. – How to Use it

You will need to register at, but there is no obligation.   Read more..

Table Salt is Poison

You cannot live without salt. However, most people simply don’t realize that there are enormous differences between the standard, refined table and cooking salt..   Read more..

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle tea is a treatment used for urinary tract infections, urinary, bladder and kidney problems, urinary difficulties associated with prostate conditions..   Read more..

Oil of Oregano Research and Studies

Compiled by Bee Wilder..   Read more..

The Somatid Cycle of Life by Naessens

Somatids are tiny micro-organisms (germs) that feed upon the poisonous material which they find in the sick organism and prepare it for excretion.   Read more..

Gallstone Causes & Treatments

The presence of gallstones doesn’t mean the gall bladder is diseased and must be surgically removed, which can lead to cancer and many other health problems..   Read more..

Priming Your Gallbladder for Fats

Is your gallbladder ready for fat?   Read more..

US Wellness Meats

Products Bee recommends.   Read more..

Candida Tests Do Not Indicate Health Status

It isn’t necessary to know whether you have candida/fungi or not, since candida is not a disease as claimed by others; instead it is created by the body “as needed”..   Read more..

Lymphatic System Definition & Image

When people refer to swollen glands in the neck or under the armpits, they are referring to swollen lymph nodes, which are part of the lymphatic system.   Read more..

Athlete’s Foot Causes & Treatments

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the skin of the feet. Athlete’s foot causes scaling and sogginess of the skin, mostly of the web spaces between the toes.   Read more..

Hunger and Satiety on a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet

Many people observe that when they eat foods high in protein and fat, they have a hard time binging.   Read more..

Mild Forms of Exercise

Exercise is important for overall health, but it should not be overdone when you are unhealthy since it uses up (takes away) energy and resources the body needs in order to heal itself.   Read more..

Mountain Rose Herbs

Products Bee Recommends.   Read more..

The Antibody Theory Defies Logic

When it comes to the antibody theory please remember that antibodies are tested only in a laboratory, and as the article “Jabs and Journeys” states...   Read more..

The Dangers of Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oils

This is Part II of an article (Part I appeared in the April/May 2003 issue of NLJ) by acclaimed author Sally Fallon.   Read more..

What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are electrically-charged particles, and in the body they are all of the minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body, for example sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.   Read more..

Withdrawal Symptoms and Food Cravings

During the first couple of weeks on a healthy program most people will experience withdrawal symptoms, that may include irritability, feeling edgy, craving sweets, grains, and other snacks, and a feeling that you are going crazy.   Read more..

How to Control Food Cravings

One of the problems unhealthy people have, particularly those who suffer from candida, is intense cravings, as well as insatiable hunger, for the very things they should not have..   Read more..

The Function of Foods

Learn more about the function of foods.   Read more..


We are not medical doctors therefore we cannot give medical advice. The information presented herein is not presented with the intention of diagnosing or treating any disease or condition.   Read more..

Toxins, How to Avoid the Top Ten Most Common

There are many upsides to living in a modern, high-tech society (like having access to the Internet and digital cameras and MP3 audio players to name a few of my favorites)..   Read more..

Vital Choice Seafoods

Products Bee Recommends.   Read more..

Healthy Diet Supplements Chart

The diet plus all of the supplements work together, so do not leave any of the following supplements out..   Read more..

Healthy Diet Supplements – Description & Doses

The diet plus all of the supplements work together, so do not leave any of the following supplements out..   Read more..

Allergies, What They Are & How to Treat Them

Allergies and hay fever are among the most common symptoms suffered by people today.   Read more..

The Five Primary Causes of All Failing Health

Lack of the correct combination of nutrients that all humans need in order to be healthy...   Read more..

Butter Oil

High Vitamin Butter: Deep yellow butter oil from cows eating rapidly growing green grass supplies not only vitamins A and D but also the X Factor, discovered by...   Read more..

Pau D’Arco Tea using Loose Bark

The best quality Pau D’Arco—also called Taheebo or Lapacho—is the pure loose bark.   Read more..

Healing Foods, Herbs & Spices Create Healing Reactions

Many people mistakenly believe they are allergic to many healthy foods, herbs, and spices because of allergy tests or because of the way their body reacts to them.   Read more..

Privacy Policy

This website uses various web analytics tools (such as Google Analytics, AddThis, etc)
and other measurement tools to help analyze how users use this site.   Read more..

Vitamin D, Amount of Sun Exposure Required

NOTE: Most people today are not able to meet all of the requirements for making vitamin D on their skin even in the Summer Months, see “Requirements for Making Vitamin D on the Skin from the Sun” below.   Read more..

Western Versus Eastern Medicine

"Simply stated, Western philosophy isolates and forces therapeutic actions to take place in the body. Eastern philosophy depends upon whole-food formulas to nourish the body’s ability to legislate needed actions."   Read more..

Unnatural Fats & Oils Damage the Entire Body

You cannot afford to jeopardize your health by consuming unnatural oils and fats, such as man–made hydrogenated fats (trans-fats) and polyunsaturated fats and oils from plant sources.   Read more..

Thickening Agents

Note: See the end of this document for tips on thickening or adding body to your saucy dishes or gravy!   Read more..

Healthy Diet, How to Get Started

It can be very overwhelming to be unhealthy and/or overweight and also face the amount of information you need to learn in order to get healthy and/or lose weight.   Read more..

How to Improve Insomnia (Sleep)

If you are having sleep problems, whether you are not able to fall asleep, wake up too often, don’t feel well-rested when you wake up in the morning, or simply want to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep...   Read more..

What Makes the Body Cells Healthy?

When Cell Membranes Surrounding Cells are not Constructed as Nature Intended...   Read more..

Bee’s Electrolyte Drink

View Bee's electrolyte drink instructions.   Read more..

Healthy Diet Supplements – Description & Doses

You will be much more successful if you only take the supplements listed below.   Read more..

Websites & Links

View a list of links to great resources and websites.   Read more..

Foods that Group Members Eat

Here are some messages from the Candida Support Group discussions on what some members are eating on a daily basis.   Read more..

Marinade Recipes

View a list of great marinade recipes.   Read more..

Nutrients in Garlic and it’s health benefits

Garlic (Allium sativum) is a member of the Lily family, which contains over 6,000 species including well-known edible plants such as...   Read more..

Buckwheat, Soaking Grain or Flour

Buckwheat is not a true grain, but rather the seeds of a plant related to rhubarb.   Read more..

Fabric Softener and Dryer Sheets, Toxic Dangers of

Many people will remember a famous TV ad where a woman races to her washing machine, fabric softener in hand, only to arrive just as...   Read more..

List of Recipes on Bee’s Candida Recipes Group

Contains Recipes from Message #1 through #384 posted by members of Bee’s Candida Recipes Group that you are welcome to join.   Read more..

You Cannot Catch Bugs, Germs, Bacteria or Candida/Fungi

The following text disproves "The Germ Theory of Disease," as promoted by the medical industry today.   Read more..

Lung Health

"Yes fat? No fat? High fat? Low fat? Wrong questions! A better question would be, how much of what kind of fat and why?   Read more..

The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk

Egg yolks? But they’re full of cholesterol! I’m sure you’ve heard it before.   Read more..

Healthy Diet Supplement Details

The diet plus all of the supplements work together, so do not leave any of the following supplements out.   Read more..

Healthy Diet Supplements Chart

Read more..

Germs, Infection, Resistance & Immunity

Source: The Hygienic System: Orthopathy by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton. Dr. Shelton was an American alternative medicine advocate, author, pacifist, vegetarian, and supporter of raw foodism and fasting cures.   Read more..

Kombucha Tea is Not Recommended

Kombucha is a drink made by growing the "kombucha mushroom" (a symbiotic mixture of yeast and bacteria) in sugared black tea.   Read more..

Warning Letter from FDA to Dr. Mercola

Bee’s Note: Isn’t this ridiculous???   Read more..

Lemon Flan

View this delicious recipe.   Read more..

Lemons Control Blood Sugar Levels

Compelling evidence suggests that adding a little lemon juice (red wine or vinegar can work as well) to your side order of salad can significantly reduce...   Read more..

Why Blood Tests Cannot Reflect What is Happening at a Cellular Level

Your circulatory system, also called cardiovascular system, includes the heart and blood vessels.   Read more..

Garlic Nose Drops

My friend told me how to make nose drops with garlic. This works, especially for a stuffy nose.   Read more..

Burning Feet Causes and Solutions

View the causes and solutions for burning feet.   Read more..

Making Foods Digestible & Fit for Human

Did you know that meats, eggs and “good” fats are the easiest foods for our bodies to digest compared to carbohydrates (any foods not classified as protein or fat)?   Read more..

Hiatal Hernia Definition & Images

A Hiatal Hernia is an abnormality that involves the stomach, esophagus and the diaphragm.   Read more..

Almonds, How to Remove Skins, Soak & Dry Them

Buy only raw nuts which have not been toasted or roasted since they contain “bad” oils that are damaging to health.   Read more..

Menu Suggestions from Suz

Read more..

Why Cooked Foods are Healthier

There are many “Raw Foodists” today who claim that raw plant foods, meats and eggs are more healthy than cooked foods.   Read more..


Diabetes is a characterized by "high blood sugar levels" in the body, which is often referred to as hyperglycemia, as opposed to hypoglycemia which is consistently "low blood sugar levels".   Read more..

Lemons are Good for Your Health

Lemons, or "golden apples," were once traded throughout the world as a rare and precious commodity.   Read more..

Food Resources

Read more..

Oil Packs Help Healing & Detoxification

Oil packs aid in the elimination and detoxification of the body, and is particularly helpful for relieving congestion of the liver and the lymphatic system.   Read more..

Hormones and Health

The female reproductive cycle is governed by two hormones–estrogen and progesterone. For a period of about two weeks, from the end of menses until ovulation, the ovaries secrete relatively large quantities of estrogen.   Read more..

How the Medical & Drug Industries Create their Sickness Business

No One Ever Gets Sick from a Lack of Drugs!   Read more..

The Germ Theory of Disease is Not True

For well over a century, the Western world has consistently upheld a belief-system (or mind-set) that disease indiscriminately attacks humankind from outside of themselves, and that they live their lives as apparent...   Read more..

Activated Charcoal is Not Recommended

t is recommended that you do not take activated charcoal except in an emergency when someone has ingested a poisonous substance or has taken a high dose of drugs.   Read more..

Infused Oils

It’s easy to make herb, spice, garlic, onion and hot pepper infused oils at home.   Read more..

How Ocean Sea Salt Affects Health

Your body uses high mineral salts to create electrolytes. Electrolytes, the sparks of life, carry electrical currents throughout the body – sending messages and instructions to cells in all bodily systems.   Read more..

The Prime Cause & Prevention of Cancer by Warburg

There are prime and secondary causes of diseases. By the prime cause of a disease, I mean one that is found in every case of the disease.   Read more..

A New Look at Coconut Oil, Part I

Health and Nutritional Benefits from Coconut Oil: An Important Functional Food for the 21st Century.   Read more..

Acid-Alkaline Balance by Dr. Weston A. Price

Quotes from a paper by Dr. Weston A. Price Acid-Base Balance of Diets Which Produce Immunity to Dental Caries Among the South Sea Islanders and Other Primitive Races.   Read more..

Palming Relaxation Technique Helps Your Eyes

You’ve probably done it without thinking … placed your hands over your eyes when you were excited, frustrated, fatigued, or had other strong feelings.   Read more..

The Cholesterol Theory is a Total Scam!

In the last few decades "The Cholesterol Theory" has contributed significantly to deteriorating health throughout the world.   Read more..

Women’s Health Issues & Treatments

All female-related health issues, including heavy bleeding, fibroids, PMS, endometriosis, polycystic cysts – called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – difficult or early menopause, and so on, including associated emotional and mental impairment, are caused by the same five reasons anyone’s health fails.   Read more..

Enema, Retained

A retained enema is very beneficial because it allows more time for solutions, or even plain water, to be in contact with the walls of the large colon.   Read more..

Fiber in the Diet Theory Doesn’t Help Digestion

In years to come, the past couple of decades of the twentieth century may well come to be known as ‘The Bran Age’; a time when it seemed that most of the diseases of Western civilization were being blamed...   Read more..

Cancer & Its Connection to Candida

I recently spoke with a nurse who was diagnosed, as an adult, with leukemia. She endured the chemotherapy regimen her doctors prescribed...   Read more..

Coconut Oil by Ray Peat

I have already discussed the many toxic effects of the unsaturated oils, and I have frequently mentioned that coconut oil doesn’t have those toxic effects, though it does contain a small amount of the unsaturated oils.   Read more..

Two Kinds of Iron, and Why You are Anemic

Definition of Anemic, which is from the word anemia or anaemia, from Ancient Greek: anaemia, meaning lack of blood, which is a decrease in number of red blood cells (RBCs) or less than the normal quantity of...   Read more..

Cookware, Non-Stainless Steel Alternatives

Enamel Coated Cast Iron Cookware.   Read more..

The Sun “Does Not” Cause Skin Cancer

Most of us have been bombarded about the dangers of the sun by experts and the media.   Read more..

Diatoms Contained in Syclovir

Diatoma- Whaaa….? Sometimes it’s called Fuller’s earth, and it’s made up of millions of tiny diatoms.   Read more..

Cleanses, Cleansing & Flushes Are Not Recommended

Cleansing, cleanses and flushes are not recommended at any point during the candida program.   Read more..

Krill Fish Oil is Not Recommended

Krill are a small, shrimp-like crustaceans that inhabit the cold ocean areas of the world.   Read more..

Sinus & Nose Problems, Causes and Treatments

The nose and sinuses are lined with mucus membranes that clean, warm and moistens the air. Here are the three main purposes for mucus membranes...   Read more..

Liver Pump Technique

I discovered that pumping the liver is a fully scientific procedure. It is explicable, demonstrable and reproducible.   Read more..

Nature’s Laws on Health

Read more..

Cleaning Product Toxins & How to Make Your Own Safe Products

You are what you eat, digest and absorb through inhalation and the pores of your skin.   Read more..

Healing Reactions Versus Allergic Reactions

Whenever a person makes enough positive changes in diet and/or herbs so that the body releases toxins, those toxins can sometimes be felt as a "healing reaction"..   Read more..

Microwaving & Irradiation Dangers – A Collection of Articles

Working with Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry, Hertel not only conceived of the study and carried it out, he was one of eight participants.   Read more..

Health Benefits of House Plants

House Plants do more than just brighten up a room with color and living energy. Along with being pleasing to the eye, they bring real health benefits.   Read more..

Lard from Pork Fat—Rendering Lard

Rendering is the process for separating fats from other organic materials. When fat is rendered it is heated until it is melted (made liquid)...   Read more..

Constipation Treatments

Treating constipation successfully requires a combination of diet that is high in "good" fats, such as unrefined coconut oil, butter, lard, along with proteins from meats and eggs, low-carbs...   Read more..

Healing Wisdom Newsletter 2

Read more..

Mayonnaise with Coconut & Olive Oil

View this recipe.   Read more..