Vaccines Are Toxic (Poisonous)

Vaccines are based upon the “antibody theory” and the “germ theory of disease.” Both of these theories are totally false. First of all you cannot and do not “catch” germs, bacteria or viruses, nor can you “catch” candida overgrowth or cancer. The following text disproves the “Germ Theory of Disease” as promoted by the medical industry today, which was started by Louis Pasteur in the early 1800s.

Louis Pasteur was a French microbiologist and chemist, born on December 27, 1822 in Dole, in the region of Jura, France. His discovery that most infectious diseases are caused by germs, known as the “germ theory of disease,” became the foundation for the science of microbiology, and a cornerstone of modern medicine.


“Pasteur also developed ‘pasteurization’, which was named after him. Pasteurization is a process by which harmful microbes in perishable food products are destroyed using heat, without destroying the food.” However, this is not true. Pasteurization damages food by destroying natural enzymes and nutrients in them.

However, Louis Pasteur was not an honest creditable individual. If you look back into the history of the medical profession and the various ideas regarding the cause of disease that were held by leading physicians before Pasteur first declared his notorious “germ theory”, you will find convincing evidence that Pasteur discovered nothing, and that he deliberately appropriated, falsified and perverted another man’s work.

His true character and methods were brought to light by Miss Ethel Douglas Hume in her book “Pasteur or Bechamp” written in 1923, the title of which has since been changed to Pasteur Exposed .

It was Antoine Bechamp (1816–1908), a contemporary of Pasteur, who discovered the true nature of germs, bacteria, fungi, etc. and that they change form, called pleomorphism. He discovered they all arise from microbes called microzymas (tiny microbes) which exist everywhere in nature and are found in all animals, fish, insects, human bodies, soil/dirt, and on plants, rocks, and surfaces everywhere on Earth.

When it comes to the antibody theory please remember that antibodies are tested only in a laboratory, and as the article “Jabs and Journeys” states: “. . . vaccinations [to build up antibodies] are artificial procedureswhich can be found to be protective in artificial situations. What we want to know is how effective are they in the real world? The laboratory can tell us little about this.”

This, in addition to the fact that the medical community follows these antibody rules:

  1. High antibodies equals an allergy.
  2. High antibodies equals immunity.
  3. However, in the case of HIV high antibodies means you are infectious!

That doesn’t make sense! The rules change when it comes to HIV/AIDS? Yet the opposite is true for all other diseases? The fact is:

  1. People who are the most immune have low antibodies levels.
  2. If HIV tests were not diluted to a ratio of 1:400 everyone would have infectious HIV.
  3. Antibody allergy tests are based upon the theory that high circulating levels of IgG antibodies correlate with clinical food allergy signs and symptoms, however high serum levels of IgG and other allergy tests has not been studied, nor verified, therefore it is quite a leap to conclude that IgG to food antigens correlates to signs and symptoms of food allergy. Also the fact is that laboratories do not use pure food antigens to test blood samples from patients.
  4. Also all “so-called” allergic reactions are exactly the same list of symptoms as the list of healing reactions created by the body – see Healing Reactions Versus Allergic Reactions and Healing Foods, Herbs and Spices Create Healing Reactions.

Vaccines introduce toxins (poisons) into the body and make people sick since the body reacts to them like it reacts to all poisons—How Our Bodies React to Poisons (Toxins). There is proof that vaccines cause autism in children and that vaccines have never helped eradicate any disease, contrary to reports and statistics by governments and the drug and medical industries. See Antibody Theory Defies Logic and The Vaccine Website.