How Your Parents Influenced Your Health

Babies inherit their parents’ “nutritional status” upon conception, as Dr. Weston A. Price writes in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Chapter 21 Practical application of primitive wisdom: “Of the many problems on which the experience of the primitive races can throw light, probably none is more pressing than practical procedures for improving child life. [Primitive refers to nonindustrial societies or cultures; Dr. Price studied 26 isolated societies throughout the World.]

Since this has been shown to be largely dependent upon the architectural design, as determined by the health of the parental germ cells (genes/DNA) and by the prenatal environment of the child, the program that is to be successful must begin early enough to obviate [to anticipate and prevent or eliminate] by effective measures these various disturbing forces.

The normal determining factors that are of hereditary origin may be interrupted in a given generation but need not become fixed characteristics in the future generations. This question of parental nutrition, accordingly, constitutes a fundamental determining factor in the health and physical perfection of the offspring.” Note: This means that if either parent has poor health, their offspring will also have poor health.