Drugs are Toxic (Poisonous)

No one ever gets sick from a lack of drugs. Any and all diseases and illnesses are mainly caused by a lack of “proper nutrition” and an overload of toxins. One of the major sources of toxins are drugs, including over–the–counter medicines, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy and other hormones, blood pressure lowering drugs, pain killers, antidepressants, etc. which are all extremely toxic and poisonous to the body.

Drugs can only be legalized by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), however the FDA relies on drug company studies and research, and a significant portion of their budget is funded by the very companies they are supposedly regulating. That means we are paying our own government, that is supposed to protect us, to actually make us sicker or kill us with drugs.

Senator Grassley stated that “things that go on in the FDA don’t really protect the consumer.” Moreover, the FDA, in Senator Grassley’s opinion, doesn’t deserve the automatic “seal of approval” it possesses when it comes to drugs.

Representative Joe Barton, Texas, stated “prescription drugs approved by the FDA should keep you out of the hospital, not send you to one.”

Prescription drugs supposedly taken for medical reasons often have no true medical function, like Ritalin, which is mainly used to keep children docile, and statin drugs to lower cholesterol, which treat symptoms but not actual health problems. That in addition to the fact that many prescription drugs are addictive, and they kill more people each year than all illegal drugs combined.

The real factor that determines whether a drug is legal or whether it is banned is not safety, addiction or medical function, but whether they cut into the medical and drug companies’ or government’s profits. Sometimes substances are banned in some forms but not others, i.e. Ephedra was banned when found in the unpatentable Chinese herb ma huang, but legal when found in profitable Sudafed and cold medicines. It’s all about the money!

The truth is the current system produces a well–organized system for manufacturing, promoting, delivering, and selling deadly, addictive drugs, in order to create corporate profits and tax revenues. “Follow the money! What a sad state of affairs that is! Read How the Medical & Drug Industries Create their Sickness Business and How Our Bodies React to Poisons (Toxins).