How Long it Takes to Get Healthy

It takes 1 month of natural healing for every year you have been unhealthy, which for most people today is since before they were born. That is because most people today have inherited a very poor “nutritional status” from their parents when they were conceived in the womb.

Poor health doesn’t happen overnight. It sneaks up on us slowly but surely, so it may be impossible to pinpoint exactly when it all started. So it is important to stay on this program long enough to improve all or most of your health problems and issues.

That means most people will need to stay on the program for the number of months they are in age, i.e. if you are 40 years old you need to stay on the program for 40 months. However, if you experience a lot of stress, get injured, etc. it may take you a lot longer.

Even after you are healthy, you cannot eat modern foods and take in toxins, drugs, etc. which caused you to get sick in the first place. In order to maintain life-long health you need to continue getting all of the nutrients on this program otherwise you will become sick again and again.

The healing processes follow these natural laws, called Hering’s Law of Cures:

For more information see Retracing, Healing Reactions & Flare-Ups.

Withdrawal Symptoms are some of the reactions you will experience. That is when your cravings for sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, grain products, and even toxins will increase. At times it may make you feel as if you are starving, when you actually aren’t. For help and more information see How to Control Food Cravings and Withdrawal Symptoms, Cravings, Etc..

Cleansing and Detoxifying Reactions are created by the body when it is trying to deal with the large numbers of toxins being released. This will result in excessive mucus being produced in the mucus membranes, which include sinuses, nose, throat, lungs, the digestive tract, reproductive organs, etc. Symptoms may also include an upset stomach, nausea, gas, bloating, belching, muscle and joint aches and pains, clumsiness, headaches, “brain fog,” etc. Often you may feel like you have been drugged, with symptoms similar to a bad hangover.

Healing Reactions – In addition to withdrawal symptoms and cleansing reactions you will experience symptoms that are clearly healing reactions. The severity and/or number of healing reactions you experience depends upon how often your body has been exposed to toxins and/or traumatized during your lifetime with injuries, disease, or illnesses, and how much detoxifying and healing the body can accomplish.

To help you “endure” these reactions and continue with your program, keep in mind that any reactions means your body is becoming stronger so that “healing” is taking place. Every drugless healing practitioner is well aware of such healing reactions.

For example: The Cancer Clinics in Mexico explain to their patients that without a healing reaction within the first two weeks of the program they must be re-evaluated for what could be causing the delay. (This could be from ingesting things that counteract the program or from using personal care items such as lotions, cosmetics, hair care items, etc. that interfere with the program, or not taking the prescribed amount of coffee enemas.) When a patient experiences a healing reaction all of the staff rejoices with the patient.

Symptoms Intensify Any symptoms experienced while you were becoming more and more unhealthy can intensify. This is different person to person, depending upon areas of their body that were most affected. Women who have had vaginal yeast infection will find such symptoms will become more intense and they may change as well. If someone has experienced a lot of digestive problems, their digestive upsets and disturbances will increase. If someone had a lot of head-related symptoms, their symptoms will become worse. And so on.

Symptoms will get worse before they get better, however, as you progress on the program, your good days will increase and your bad days will decrease. Natural healing takes time, patience, and persistence on a healthy program.

    1. Symptoms of a chronic disease disappear in definite order, going in reverse through every previous ache, pain, disease, illness, symptom, injury, etc. This is called “re-tracing.”
    2. It takes about one month of natural healing for every year since the health problem first appeared.
    3. Healing progresses from the more vital organs to the less vital organs; from inside of the body towards the skin and from the top of the body down.