Curing Candida How To Get Started

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This is an overall healing program that improves anyone’s health because it provides all of the Nutrients Required for Human Health & Healing, as witnessed by these Success Stories.

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To get the correct supplements, see iHerb – Products Bee Recommends.

Table of Contents

Take One Step at a Time

It can be very overwhelming to be sick with so many symptoms, organ malfunctions, aches and pains and also to also face the amount of information that you need learn in order to get healthy. Therefore it is very important that you approach your healing one step at a time. Not only is it easier on you, but it also will not overwhelm and confuse your body, causing more healing and detoxifying reactions and symptoms than are necessary. Your body needs time to adjust to each change, at it’s own pace and as it sees fit, which takes time and patience. Remember to always believe in your body’s marvelous healing capabilities if you treat it according to Nature’s Laws on Health and Healing.

There is no point pushing your body since you will not get healthy any faster. It will still take 1 month of natural healing for every year you’ve been unhealthy, and for most people today that is since before they were born, when they acquired such a poor “nutritional status” from their parents upon conception.

Do Not Push or Over-Treat Your Body

Pushing your body too hard or over-treating it by doing too many things at one time, interferes with your progress, creating more unnecessary symptoms and reactions:

  1. Do not change too many things at one time. Instead, make changes gradually so your body has time to adjust itself accordingly.
  2. Do not take supplements that are not recommended. The diet plus supplements provides all of the nutrients your body requires in order to heal itself naturally.
  3. Do not take supplements in lower or higher doses than recommended which can throw off nutrient balances.
  4. Do not do harsh and unnecessary treatments, such as cleanses, fasting, tonics like kombucha and kefir, etc. — see Not Recommended Supplements, Treatments, etc.
    Your body will slow or stop the healing processes if it becomes overwhelmed or confused by treatments, i.e. too many different kinds at one time, some kinds of treatments continued over long periods of time, too high of an amount, treatments that are too harsh or invasive, etc., even if such treatments are natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc.
  5. Do not over–exercise or do treatments that cause you to sweat too much, i.e. sauna, hot baths, steam rooms, etc. since they mobilize toxins and cause more detoxifying symptoms than are necessary while you are getting healthy.

Treatments should not interfere with the nutrients on this program nor the body’s natural healing and detoxifying processes. Here’s a list of some helpful treatments:

The body naturally cleanses itself and gets rid of heavy metals and other poisons if it is getting high “good” fats from animal sources or unrefined coconut oil (mainly saturated fats), and protein from meats and eggs, low-carbs, minerals, vitamins, etc. since all of the nutrients on this program work together. Also see Heavy Metals, Natural Chelation.

Two Steps Towards Health

  1. Eliminate damaging foods, sugars and high-carb foods, and toxins.
  2. Build up your health with diet and supplements.

It is important to make changes slowly, since your body needs time to adjust to each change. Trying to change too much at once will only make you sicker, causing more healing and detoxifying symptoms than are necessary which will overwhelm you and your body.

Most people should be able to get completely on this program within 2-3 months, but others may need to take a lot longer. Some very sick people and older people with debilitating illnesses may need to take up to one year to get completely on the program. In the meantime, all of the nutrients you are getting are still helping you progress towards health.

Example Plan for Making Changes

See Sugars and High–Carb Foods A – D below. Also refer to How to Calculate Protein, Fat and Carb Ratios, and Candida Supplements – Description & Doses, and Candida Supplements Chart.

To buy the correct supplements, see iHerb – Products Bee Recommends.

  1. Start taking unrefined coconut oil when you start on the diet. Always start with small doses of coconut oil, i.e. 1 teaspoon 3 times a day (or less; some people must start with 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day), and gradually increase it so your healing and detoxifying symptoms aren’t too severe. Slowly increase it until you are able to take 5.5 tablespoons a day (split between 3 meals per day).
  2. Start eliminating some A. Sugars and High–Carb Foods (below), and at the same time start to increase natural fats, i.e. butter and coconut oil, and protein in meats and eggs (if your intake was quite low), Do not increase proteins more than you increase natural fats—try to keep a balance of 20% protein to 60% fat according to calories, until you get your fats up high enough.
    If your protein intake was high you might need to lower it temporarily until you can increase your fats enough. If you do not consume enough fats in ratio to proteins it can cause constipation. It is more important to get your fat ratios up to the recommended levels than to increase protein too fast or lower your carbs too quickly. Maintaining a correct ratio of fats to proteins will become more important as you lower carbs.
  3. Start taking supplements. You can start taking all supplements at the doses given at one time, except for vitamin C. Start with 1,000 mg of vitamin C per day (taken in divided doses) and gradually increase it to 4,000 mg per day. Take all supplements with meals.
  4. Continue eliminating A. Sugars, and start eliminating B. Dairy Products (below), as well as continuing to increase natural fats and protein (if required). Also start eliminating unnatural oils and fats.
  5. Continue eliminating A. Sugars, B. Dairy, and work on eliminating some foods listed under C. High carb foods. Since it is more difficult to increase fats than proteins, concentrate on increasing good fats.
  6. At this point you should have eliminated all of A. Sugars, and B. Dairy. Continue eliminating more foods listed under C. High Carb Foods (below), and continue increasing good fats. If your fat intake is lagging do not increase protein until you are able to consume enough good fats. Also eliminate all soybean or soy products and start eliminating all processed foods.
  7. At this point you should have eliminated A, Sugars, B. Dairy, and C. High Carb Foods. Now start eliminating D. High carb/sugar vegetables. At the same time work on increasing good saturated fats and continue eliminating all processed foods and all sources of yeast, fungi and molds.
  8. At this point you should have eliminated A, Sugars, B. Dairy, C. High Carb Foods, and D. High carb/sugar vegetables. At the same time work on increasing good saturated fats and continue eliminating all processed foods.
  9. Hopefully you are now getting enough fats so you can consume the amount of protein recommended, so you can calculate your protein, fat and carb ratios according to your height, and enter them into to ensure you are consuming your “calculated ratios”.

Sugars and High–Carb Foods

  1. All sugars, artificial sugar or sugar substitutes (except stevia), and sources of sugars, including fruits (except lemons), honey, maple syrup and any foods and supplements that contain sugar.
  2. All dairy products, except butter and butter oil, including cheese, milk, cream, sour cream, buttermilk, kefir, yogurt, etc. Unhealthy people do not do well on kefir and yogurt, even when they are homemade from raw dairy, so they must be eliminated.
  3. High carb foods such as starches, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes (plants with seed pods, i.e. peas, beans, etc.), including breads, cereal, pasta, pizza, cereal, baked goods, potatoes, etc.
  4. High carb/sugar vegetables, i.e. beets, some types of squash, corn, parsnips, sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, etc.

Please see a thorough explanation of all of these foods in the article How to Successfully Overcome Candida, so you understand why these foods are damaging to health.

Bee’s Candida Diet

Three Food Groups:  Protein, Fat & Carbs (carbs are all foods that are not classified as protein or fat).

  • Consume protein from animal meats, eggs and seafood. Eggs are “Nature’s most perfect foods,” and having Bee’s Egg Drink is perfect for breakfast.
  • Consume high natural fats and oils, such as natural occurring fats in meats, eggs and seafood, i.e. butter, lard, fish fats and oils, chicken fat, tallow in beef, pork, etc., as well as unrefined coconut oil. These natural fats do not create body fat like unnatural fats and oils and carbs DO. They also do not cause cholesterol problems — see the Cholesterol Theory is Totally False in How to Successfully Overcome Candida for more information.
  • Eliminate unnatural fats and oils, which includes all vegetable oils, i.e. Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Oil, Wesson Oil, Crisco, hemp oil, margarine, etc. They are all man-made fats and oils which acts like plastic (toxic) in the body. You wouldn’t melt plastic and eat it, nor should you damage your health by eating these plastic oils and fats. Also eliminate any products that contain these unnatural fats and oils.
  • Eliminate all sources of soybeans and soybean products, which are very damaging to the body, see Soy, More Poisons In It and these articles at the Weston A. Price Foundation: Soy Alert!.
  • Eliminate all processed foods and drinks.
  • Consume foods low in carbohydrates and sugars (carbs are all foods not classified as protein or fat). Only consume low carb vegetables — see Candida Diet Food List.
  • Eliminate as many toxins as possible, i.e. over-the-counter drugs and other medical drugs, hormone replacement therapy, bio-identical hormones, blood pressure pills, anti-depressants (must be slowly decreased), birth control pills, etc.
  • Also eliminate all Teflon cookware or similar kinds of cookware, damaging plastics (some are safe), toxic body care, cosmetics, and household cleaning products, etc. Do not microwave any foods or beverages, not even water. Consuming foods or drinks that are microwaved or irradiated (zapped with radiation) causes damage to the body’s cells, see Microwaving & Irradiation — A Collection of Articles for more information. Also see these articles on all kinds of Toxins to avoid.

Withdrawal Symptoms, Food Cravings & Addictions

When you eliminate foods that cause poor health along with many toxic substances you can get withdrawal symptoms and experience a lot of food cravings, see How to Control Food Cravings.

Weight Issues

Some people may lose weight on this diet, but do not be alarmed. Weight is the least of your problems when you are unhealthy. Your body needs all of its energy, nutrients, oxygen, and resources to heal itself. As you become more healthy your weight will normalize to what it should be.

Some overweight people may initially lose weight on this program, which will mainly be excessive water, and as they continue their weight may increase, or go up and down. Eventually their weight should normalize too, however some people cannot lose weight because of emotional issues. But they also should not be concerned since they are getting all of the nutrients necessary to be healthy in spite of being overweight.

Healing, Detoxifying & Retracing Reactions and Symptoms

You will experience many healing and detoxifying reactions and symptoms, which is part of the healing processes your body creates in order to get healthy. Your body will also “retrace” all past symptoms, illnesses, diseases, injuries, and organ malfunctions while it is healing itself. For more information see Healing Naturally, General Information and Retracing, Healing Reactions and Flare-Ups.

“More Is NOT Better”

Remember that “more is not better” because your body can become overwhelmed and confused, just like we do when too many things are happening at same time. If you do not allow time for your body to adjust to changes or new substances you will feel sicker and become more discouraged. You cannot rush, or push, your body into getting healthy and there are no quick fixes.

Quick fixes, such an antibiotics and drugs are poisonous to our bodies, see How Our Bodies React to Poisons, which suppress the body’s natural healing and detoxifying processes, without treating the “true” causes of poor health. Natural healing takes time, patience and persistence on this healthy program long enough. Even after you are healthy you will need to continue giving your body “proper nutrients” in order to maintain life-long health.

Create Your Own Plan

It is a good idea to write down your own plan for getting onto this program. List the steps you will take, with the timing. For example:

Week 1:

  1. Start taking unrefined coconut oil.
  2. Eliminate all sugars.
  3. List the supplements you need to buy – To get the correct supplements, see iHerb – Products Bee Recommends.

Week 2:

  1. Buy all supplements and start taking them.
  2. Eliminate dairy products other than butter.
  3. Eliminate all unnatural fats and oils.

And So On

Keep a Journal, Listing:

  1. Symptoms, diseases, organ malfunctions, etc. that you had just before starting the program, including emotional and mental issues.
  2. All past illnesses, symptoms, diseases, organ malfunctions, injuries, operations, exposures to toxins, emotional and mental issues, etc. and how long they lasted, i.e. days, months, or years. This will help you understand better when your body retraces them while it is healing itself.
  3. Steps you have completed on the program.
  4. Improvements and changes in your health as you progress, including emotional and mental improvements, as well as any past health issues or injuries that were retraced.

When you are feeling discouraged you can review your journal and see how far you have come.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself for following this program, such as a new book, an upbeat movie, a massage, a day at the SPA, a new plant for your home, etc. Do not reward yourself with foods!