Cleanses, Cleansing & Flushes Are Not Recommended

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Cleansing, cleanses and flushes are not recommended at any point during the candida program. Such treatments include liver, kidney, gall bladder or bowel flushes or cleanses, except for self-administered Enemas.

Liver, kidney and gall bladder cleanses or flushes are dangerous because they dump too many toxins into the body at one time, and people who are sick are not able to handle it.

There have been cases where people have ended up with life threatening conditions caused by such cleanses, or flushes, finding it necessary to be treated in the emergency room.

Also, liver and gall bladder flushes can release liver and galls stones into the bile ducts which can block and tear them, requiring emergency surgery.

The candida diet recommends high "good" saturated fats which are very important for liver and gall bladder health. Over time the diet will normalize the functions of the liver, gall bladder and other organs, and they will dissolve any stones that may be present. Good fats are the very best cleansers of the entire body, and they chelate out (get rid of) heavy metals.

All cleanses are a combination of herbs or ingredients which most sick or unhealthy people cannot handle. It is not only because they cause too many toxins to be dumped into the system at one time, but also because the ingredients themselves are often too strong which can cause adverse reactions.

The candida diet, supplements and other treatments recommended will do a good job of increasing digestion, strengthening the walls of the intestines (mostly with good saturated fats), increasing good motility of the intestines, cleansing the liver, adrenals and gall bladder, increasing kidney function, etc. and will cleanse any area that requires it, even chelating out (getting rid of) heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and aluminum, etc.