Constipation Treatments

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Carbohydrates (Carbs) are any foods not classified as protein or fat.

Treating constipation successfully requires a combination of diet that is high in "good" fats, such as unrefined coconut oil, butter, lard, along with proteins from meats and eggs, low-carbs and important supplements. Water is important too, however drinking too much causes its own set of problems – see Water, How Much is Too Much?.

Also, raw foods are not helpful for people who are constipated. Raw plant foods (carbs), including vegetables, fruits, spices, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, etc., are very hard for humans to digest as explained because we do not have the enzymes necessary to break down the fibers in them, see Raw Versus Cooked Carbs (Plant Foods).

Proteins and fats from animal sources, as well as unrefined coconut oil are the easiest foods for humans to digest, see Digestion, Digestive Disorders, IBS, Etc..

Meats should be cooked to medium on low heat and not overcooked, so they do not lose moisture.

Doing the Helpful Treatments below, in addition to Bee’s Healthy Program that heals the body naturally, is what it takes to improve digestion, including constipation.

Bee’s Healthy Program

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Helpful Constipation Treatments

  1. Take Extra Vitamin C: Take 1,000 mg every hour, or 2,000 mg every 2 hours, while you are awake until you reach bowel tolerance which is when your stools become loose.
  2. Do not eat raw carbs (plant foods), including vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. that must be well-cooked according to this article: Raw Versus Cooked Carbs (Plant Foods). Of course carbs, such as sugars, high carb vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes (peas and beans from pods) are not included in Bee’s Healthy Program, except for small amounts of lemons and limes, etc.
  3. Most people who are constipated need to be on an all liquid and/or pureed (blended) foods diet for some time, so they should start by doing the 9-Day Program, however they need to consume liquid and/or pureed foods for the entire 9 days (not just 2 days), and continue as long as needed to improve their constipation. For some people it may take months.
    However only do clear water enemas for 9 days and after 9 days, wait 5 days and then do coffee enemas according to the “frequency” in this Coffee Enema article.
  4. Ensure you get into a regular daily routine (habit) of emptying your bowels at the same time every day.

Correcting constipation depends upon how long a person has suffered with it, since it takes 1 month of natural healing on Bee’s Healthy Program for every year a person has had constipation. It took a long time to get to the point of having constipation which also takes time, patience, and consistently following Bee’s Healthy Program to correct it as well.