– How to Use it

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You will need to register at, but there is no obligation. Be sure to write down your User Name and Password.

NFS stands for “Not Further Specified”, meaning there is no more information about that food, like how it was cooked, etc. NS stands for “Not Specified,” that has a similar meaning.

Procedure for Entering Foods

First, see How to Calculate Protein, Fat and Carb Ratios according to your height, and write them down so you know what you are aiming for. Do not translate your calculated grams to any kind of weight, quantity, amount or measurement to determine how much you need to consume, since it does not work that way.

You will need to enter the kinds of food you are eating, including whether they are raw or cooked and how they were cooked (boiled, roasted, fried, baked, etc. or the closest one available on, as well as the amount or quantity you consumed, i.e. ounces, cups, or size like large or medium egg, tablespoon(s), etc. first, and Fitday provides the amount of protein, fat and carb grams contained in those foods. Some foods contain all 3 (protein, fat & carbs), like eggs and some carbs.

  1. Start by entering all of the foods you ate yesterday since you know the quantities you consumed, and then you can see where you need to adjust quantities up and down to meet your daily calculated ratios. Enter all carbs first, i.e. vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. (all plant foods). Sometimes you have not used enough spices or herbs to be concerned about, so do not worry about entering small amounts. It will still be okay, since they will not increase carb grams enough to be concerned since you should be using only very small amounts anyway.
  2. The first page you need on your “My Fitness Log” is Foods. If it is not there, click on the Foods Tab that is along the top. Go to the Food Search box and type in your first food. This is where foods are entered one at a time, and added to your food log. After entering all foods protein, fat and carb grams will be totalled for that day.
    Once you’ve added foods you can find them more easily under add recent and when you click go it will automatically insert it into your Food Log. Then you only need to change the Number of Servings and Serving Sizes as needed, and Save Changes.

    Note: You might have to try different wording to get the right foods. For example if you enter egg instead of eggs, you will get the right kind of egg you can select by clicking on it.
  3. Note: Enter all carbs first, i.e. vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. (all plant foods)—see more information in #1 above. After clicking on the correct food, go to the Amount. Click on the blue arrow after the 2nd box to select the size, weight, etc., and after it is correct, enter the correct amount in the left box, which is the serving size, i.e. 1, 2, or .5 or 1.5, etc.
  4. After the amounts are correct, click on Recalculate which is a bar just below Amount.
  5. Once Fitday has recalculated it, click on Add To Your Food Log and it will take you back to “My Fitness Log” again, with that food added.
  6. Please remember to Enter all carbs first, i.e. vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. (all plant foods).
    Special Notes For Entering Carbs: First, select the form of carb you are consuming, i.e. raw, cooked, boiled, etc. Choose boiled if you are cooking them long enough to break down their cell walls. After entering all carbs scroll down below the Food Log, where you’ll see several Tabs across the top. Click on Calories which has a Pie Chart on the Right. On the left, in the first column “Grams” see Total Fat and Protein grams in carbs. Write down the Protein Grams and Fat Grams, and continue by entering proteins (meats and eggs) and fats. Note: If you enter proteins and fats before entering all of the carbs (vegetables) you will not get the correct fat and protein grams in carbs (vegetables) to subtract from total protein and fat grams.
    After entering meats, eggs and fats, subtract carb fat grams from total fat grams, and subtract carb protein grams from total protein grams.
  7. Now you can look at your total protein, fat and carb grams and look at the foods listed to see where you need to increase or decrease quantities or kinds of foods in order to meet your calculated ratios. After doing this several times you will get a good feel for what you need to consume in order to meet your ratios, so you will only need to check them once it awhile.

To add condiments, soup, stew, and dishes that contain a mixture of foods see Custom Foods below.

If you cannot find foods on Fitday you may find them on another type of Nutritional Calculator.

How to Enter Custom Foods

  1. For dishes that contain a mixture of foods, like Bee’s Egg Drink, soup, or condiments such as mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, or salsa, enter each one on separate days, rather than the current day – see Above Foods Eaten Today, click on the left arrow to find a blank day to enter each custom dish or condiment, by adding each individual ingredient.
  2. On the date you choose, enter each ingredient separately. Write down the date so you can find it in future in case you need to change anything. Remember to write down protein and fat grams in carbs so you can subtract them from the total fat and protein grams before you Create A Custom Food.
  3. Once all of the ingredients are listed for a custom food, print it out, and subtract carb fat from total fat grams, and subtract carb protein from total protein grams as instructed in Step #6 above, before entering them in Create A Custom Food. Also note the date they are entered so you can find it again, in case you need to change anything.
  4. Go to Left Menu and click on Create A Custom Food and enter calories, protein grams, fat grams, and carb grams (after subtracting fat and protein grams in carbs, as noted above in Step #6) in the appropriate boxes. You will not be able to fill in all of the boxes since it is not possible nor necessary. You only need total calories, total protein grams (without carb protein), total fat grams (without carb fat) and total carb grams.



To add a Custom Food to your Foods for today’s date, be sure to select today’s date (above) first, and ensure you are on the Foods Tab. Then go to the Left Menu and click on the blue arrow next to Custom Foods. Once you’ve clicked on the Custom Food it will automatically be added to your current day’s “Fitness Log.”