Healing Reactions Versus Allergic Reactions

Whenever a person makes enough positive changes in diet and/or herbs so that the body releases toxins, those toxins can sometimes be felt as a "healing reaction." A healing reaction is NOT the same thing as a side effect of a medication or an allergic reaction.

A healing reaction can feel uncomfortable, but it is actually a sign the body is healing itself. As toxic wastes are released from fat cells, liver cells, brain cells, kidneys, and other organs, they go into the bloodstream.

Sometimes during herbal therapy, people can taste in their mouth drugs that they have not taken in many years. This is an indication that old medication residues have been released and are now working their way out of the body.

Many symptoms from the past can temporarily reappear during an herbal cleansing program – fatigue, joint pains, muscle aches, headaches, dizziness, weakness, itching, etc. This is nothing to be concerned about, but rather something to be glad about, since it is part of the way the body heals itself, called Retracing.

A healing reaction is usually easy to recognize. Initially, symptoms begin to feel better. We feel better and have more energy. During this time, the body is gathering vital energy. It is this energy that the body is going to use to cleanse and heal itself.

Enzyme systems are activated, including not just digestive enzymes, but the very important metabolic enzymes.

These enzymes are responsible for dissolving any foreign substances in the body. With this newfound strength and energy, the body then does what it needs to do in order to get disease out of the way.

It’s not always pretty or pleasant, but it is absolutely crucial for healing. The enzymes begin to dissolve, stones, calcium deposits, tumors, bile sludge and other wastes.

Suddenly,we begin to feel badly again – or even worse than we did originally. This is a classic healing reaction, and it is wonderful! Finally we are able to get into a sick, diseased area that we couldn’t reach before with weak, mass-marketed products. If we don’t stop, but keep on going, we will eventually get to the end of it and be healed once and for all.

Bee’s Notes:

  • Unfortunately candida sufferers and people who are unhealthy cannot handle the flood of toxins released by doing cleanses of any kind.
  • This article recommends herbal formulas, but does not take into the account how important “proper nutrients” are for healing. Bee’s program (diet plus supplements eliminates damaging and toxic foods, and provides the nutrients the body needs in order to affect natural healing and detoxify itself gradually.
  • Pushing the body too hard with cleanses increases symptoms and often causes a great deal more harm than good. However, the reactions discussed in this article apply to good unadulterated foods as well as herbs and spices. The reactions experienced are not allergic reactions, they are healing reactions.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to have severe healing reactions when we are usually able to reduce them through the use of intestinal cleansing formulas. This is why the first step in any herbal cleansing program is to cleanse the intestines.

This makes way for more advanced herbal healing that might otherwise be very uncomfortable and filled with intense healing reactions. If taking an herbal formula or green nutritional formula, and unpleasant symptoms occur, it is most likely NOT an allergy, but a healing reaction.

In this case, it is important to do the intestinal cleansing formulas more and/or reduce the dose of the formula that caused the problem so that the detoxification happens more slowly and is better tolerated.

I knew one lady who had a severe skin disease with multiple boils all over her body that appeared from time to time. She drank a spirulina smoothie at the health food store, and broke out in boils all over again.

The spirulina was simply too strong for her to take at that particular time since she had not first begun with intestinal cleansing. Whenever the intestines contain large amounts of toxins, the body will try to rid itself of toxins in other ways besides through the colon. This usually ends up being a detoxification through the skin which can be very uncomfortable.

In the case of severe or chronic disease, there may be multiple healing reactions or reactions that are more prolonged. In these cases, it is important NOT TO STOP too soon, otherwise the healing benefits stop and the health issue never clears up.

Most people grossly underestimate the amount of toxins in their bodies. They are impatient to get out of pain when they should be focused on building up their immune system.

Any doctor can prescribe pain medication that relieves pain; however, pain relievers do not cure health issues, but merely force them deeper into the body while giving a false sense of security. Meanwhile, disease continues to worsen unless we have the courage to follow through on a program, and experience some unpleasantness while the body is cleansing and readjusting itself.

Toxins do not simply evaporate; they must come out of the body. We cannot expect it to be a walk in the park. However, when the healingprocess is completed, people finally regain their health, strength and vitality.

Rarely, allergic reactions do occur. Some people are so allergic to peanuts that they cannot even inhale the aroma of peanuts on an airplane or they will have a severe allergic reaction. Bee’s Note:   The reason people are allergic to peanuts is because their immune system is depressed, and peanuts are very unhealthy and toxic, since they are all genetically modified and contain mycotoxins (fungal-type toxins).

Allergies in general are mostly due to internal toxicity that overloads the ability of the immune system to function properly, and lack of proper nutrients to keep the immune system functioning normally.