Krill Fish Oil is Not Recommended

© Copyright Bee Wilder

What Are Krill?

Krill are a small, shrimp-like crustaceans that inhabit the cold ocean areas of the world. They have become the “latest source” of fish oils, which are supposed to be the best source – here’s more information about Krill Oil: Krill Explained.

However, please note that this article recommends Krill oil because it is 48 times better than fish oil, but I disagree with that logic, as explained below.

Krill Oil is Too Powerful

Since Krill oil is 48 times more antioxidant than regular fish oil, and is more highly absorbable than other fish oils, that’s a hugh danger signal to me.

Dr. Weston A. Price used cod liver oil successfully, but he also warns not to take too much because it will create imbalances and can even be toxic. That’s why my recommendations are conservative, aligning more with Dr. Price’s research.

Remember that more is not better! You can overwhelm your body by over-treating it, and by taking too much of a good thing, which can stop or slow down natural healing processes. One of the important keys to healing naturally is not to push the body. Antioxidants that are too powerful can be detrimental to your health.