Oral [mouth] Thrush Causes and Treatments

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Note: In Australia and some other countries the word thrush refers to vaginal yeast, whereas in other countries thrush is only used in reference to oral (mouth) candida/yeast overgrowth.

Carbs (carbohydrates) are foods that are not classified as protein or fat, which are “all plant foods,” including vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, spices, herbs, sugars, etc.

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What is Oral Thrush?

Oral thrush is normally described as an infection of yeast fungi, called Candida, on the mucous membranes of the mouth. Oral thrush may refer to candidiasis in the mouths of babies, while if occurring in the mouth or throat of adults it may also be called candidosis or moniliasis.

However, the body itself creates infection and inflammation in order to heal and detoxify an area, which are normal healing processes that are not caused by any outside sources – see Inflammation & Infection are Natural Healing Processes. Therefore oral thrush is created by the body itself in its efforts to maintain its health.

In fact all bugs, like viruses, bacteria, candida (fungus) and even cancer, are formed by the body in any areas they are needed, which are mainly created to clean up of toxins. This is what happens everywhere in Nature. For example, a compost heap of garbage automatically forms all kinds of bacteria in order to break down the garbage and change it into nutrient-rich dark soil.

The reason that bugs like candida (fungus) are created in the mouth is same reason bugs are automatically form in a compost heap, which is to clean it up!


The Body Itself Creates All Bugs (Infection) as Needed

The Germ Theory of Disease is Not True— it is based upon research done by Louis Pasteur who was a fraud! Pasteur’s colleague, Antonie Bechamp discovered the “truth” about bugs which is in his book The Third Element of The Blood:

Page 1: “As a blood smear slide ages over one to two days, organisms literally can be seen wiggling out of the red blood cells, organisms that change into more degenerate and pathological forms as the process proceeds.

When the rotting or putrefaction process is over, when there is nothing more for the newly formed viruses, bacteria and fungi to eat, they all break apart again, disappear, and turn back into the “little dots” they came from, called microzymas. They eat themselves and are reborn . . .”

Note: Other researchers independently discovered those same “little dots” in the cells, and called them by different names. Gunther Enderlein called them protits, and Gaston Naessens called them somatids.

Page 2: “It is only in illness that they [bugs] become agents of fermentation [see the definition below]. The waste or byproducts of these bacteria and other organisms are alcohol, CO2 lactic acid, vinegar, etc. that are produced in such processes. Again these waste products of fermentation, which is followed by putrefaction, are what make us ill in disease, not the germs. [Note: In other words, bugs are the “result” of disease and not the “cause.”]

Page 3: “Mycrozymas isolated from a mammoth frozen more than 50,000 years ago were shown to spontaneously show life again and begin fermentation in sugar solutions. . . . the internal milieu, . . . determines what form the mycrozymas take, i.e. whether they are good guys or not so good. The ‘good guys’ turn into the cells that regenerate the body, organ specific mycrozymas. The not so good guys are the protits that go in the direction of fermentation and putrefaction. See “What is Fermentation?” below.

Page 5: “The essential biological characteristics of the microzymas is that they are creators of cellules (cells) by synthesis and of virioniens (viruses, bacteria, fungi) by pleomorphism.”

Synthesis means a combination of two or more things that together form something new.
Pleomorphism means the ability of bacteria to change their shape dramatically or to exist in a number of forms, i.e. changing from a virus into bacteria, and changing of bacteria into fungus.

What is Fermentation?

Fermentation is a process in which an agent [typically bacteria and yeast] causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances; especially, the anaerobic [no oxygen] breakdown of sugar into alcohol, i.e. the making of beer or wine.

Fermentation is based upon the word “ferment” which means any agent or substance, such as a bacterium, mould, yeast, or enzyme, that causes fermentation. Ferment comes from the Latin word “fermentare” which means to leaven, ferment,, which is from the word “fermentum” a substance causing fermentation, from the root word (original word) “fervere” to boil, seethe, or brew.

Fermentation in food processing is the conversion of carbohydrates (plant foods) to alcohols and carbon dioxide (gas) or organic acids using yeasts, bacteria, or a combination thereof, under anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions.

Fermentation usually implies the action of microorganisms is desirable, and the process is used to produce alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, and cider. Fermentation is also employed in the leavening of bread, and for preservation techniques to create lactic acid in sour foods such as sauerkraut, dry sausages, kimchi and yogurt, or vinegar (acetic acid) for use in pickling foods.

However, as explained above, fermentation in the body means it is unhealthy and diseased! Healthy cells do not ferment, and instead are respirating, meaning using oxygen. Otto Warburg discovered that The Prime Cause & Prevention of Cancer was because the body’s cells changed over from respiration to fermentation.

What Causes Oral Thrush?

Three main conditions in the mouth cause the formation of bacteria, candida/yeast or cancer:

  1. Injuries to the mouth with metal braces, plastic tooth guards or appliances (which are also toxic), teeth-cleaning instruments and procedures, flosses that tear and damage the gums, harsh brushing, eating something like nuts that injure the gums, etc.
  2. Eating high-carb foods, particularly sugars and starches.
  3. Toxins, from three main sources:
  1. Toxins being eliminated through the mouth from other areas of the body. The mouth and other areas of the body also have skin, i.e. inside the cheeks, the floor and roof of the mouth, etc. And the skin is one of ways the body eliminates toxins, along with other organs involved in detoxification, i.e. liver, kidneys, lungs, large intestines, etc.
  2. Toxins being eliminated from the mouth, that can be from current or past toxic substances, i.e. x-rays, fluoride, mouth washes, toothpaste, breath sprays or mints, lozenges, gum, anesthetics such as novacaine, mercury or other metals in fillings, etc. and toxins in foods or drinks.
  3. Root canals, metal plates, implants, etc. which are similar to having a wood sliver in the skin, that the body works hard to eliminate since they are an intrusion (invasion), i.e. foreign to the body.

All abnormal conditions and diseases in the mouth are mainly caused by these conditions, in addition to those listed below, which includes cavities in the teeth, plaque build-up, gum diseases, discoloration of the teeth (grey or brown spots and yellowing), mouth sores, abcesses, aphus ulcers, canker sores, black or brown hairy tongue, inflammation, infection, etc.

However, mouth health is related to overall health, and The Five Primary Causes of All Failing Health.

That’s why Bee’s Candida Program improves anyone’s health because it:

  1. Provides all of the nutrients all Humans need in order to be healthy (diet plus supplements).
  2. Eliminates foods that are damaging to the body.
  3. Eliminates toxins, mainly in foods, drinks, but also toxins in general.

How to Get Rid of Oral Thrush

You cannot get rid of oral thrush by “killing off candida or any kinds of bugs in your mouth.” As you learned above, the body itself creates all viruses, bacteria, candida/fungi/yeast, etc., so killing them off doesn’t work. Therefore the only way is to get healthy with Bee’s Candida Program.

When you are healthy enough your body will automatically “make” candida (or any bug, cancer, etc.) “change back” into the organism it is supposed to be when the body is healthy.

It is like the manure pile and the flies, with the manure pile representing the poor condition of the body. You cannot get rid of the manure pile by killing off the flies. You must clean up the manure pile instead, which means getting healthy according to Nature’s Fundamental Laws on Health.

Your Health Depends Upon You!

Nature’s laws ensure survival of the fittest. Your survival and how well you live depends
upon you taking charge of your own health. No one else can do that for you, not doctors, not your mother, not your spouse, and certainly not the government!

Medical and drug businesses are “just that” businesses! Businesses have one major goal, and that is to make money! Therefore their services, products, and advice will not necessarily help you. In fact the medical field is rampant with false theories, deception, toxic treatments, and information that has caused a great deal of harm to you, your family and your friends.

Drug companies are behind most of the deception and false information being fed to you, and they use doctors like puppets. Drug companies make the highest profits of any other company on Earth, and they manipulate governments to pass laws that benefit them and protect their precious profits! However, you need to know that any and all drugs are toxic to the human body and they deteriorate and ruin health!

Your overall health is dependent upon cellular health, which can only be improved if you:

  1. Give your body the correct combination of nutrients it needs to heal and maintain health according to Nature’s Fundamental Laws on Health. Food is medicine!
  2. Increase your body’s oxygen levels and it’s ability to utilize and transport oxygen.
  3. Eliminate as many sources of toxins and poisons as possible, particularly in foods and drinks.
  4. Improve your digestion so all of the nutrients are available to your body.
  5. Improve your body’s ability to eliminate toxins (detoxify), and to get rid of natural wastes from your cells.

If you do these five things you and your body will better able to withstand negative influences such as stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets, relationship or financial worries and concerns, and even toxins. Also these five things can ensure your future health. Only the body can heal itself, if it is given what it needs to do its job!

Bee’s Candida Program is an OVERALL Healthy Program that improves anyone’s health, as witnessed by these miraculous Success Stories. To learn the five primary causes of all failing health, and to understand what you need to do to take charge of your health and life! Read:
How to Successfully Overcome Candida

Mouth Treatments

You can improve your oral thrush, as well as mouth sores, black or brown tongue, abscesses, aphus ulcers, canker sores, etc., which are all caused by toxins coming out through your mouth, by using some solutions that help your mouth detoxify itself.

But remember, that healing and detoxifying must come from inside, which is mainly due to consuming all of the nutrients the body needs to heal and detoxify itself naturally. That takes time, patience and persistence. It takes your body about 1 month of natural healing for every year you’ve been unhealthy, and for most people today that is since before they were born.

Use one of the solutions below at least once a day, preferably in the morning since your body detoxifies itself mostly at night.

Instructions on how to use the solutions: Put a mouthful of the solution into your mouth, and hold it in your mouth for 2 minutes, swishing it around well into all areas, i.e. between teeth, up into the cheeks, etc., and then spit it out.

Solutions You can Use

  1. Sea Salt and Water: Mix 1/4 teaspoon of a good ocean sea salt, like
    Celtic or Himalayan, in 1/2 cup of non-chlorinated water. You save it in a covered glass container until all of it is used.
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide: Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide (available at the drug store) and non-chlorinated water — Use equal amount of each and stir to mix them together. You save it in a covered glass container until all of it is used.
  3. Vitamin C & Baking Soda: Make this solution fresh each time, since exposing it to the air chemically changes it. Put 1/8 teaspoon of ascorbic acid crystals (vitamin C) and 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass and mix it well. Add 1/8 cup (about 1 ounce) of non-chlorinated water, and stir until it is totally dissolved. Do not save this solution.
  4. Baking Soda: Put 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass, add 1/2 cup of non-chlorinated water and stir it well. You save it in a covered glass container until all of it is used.