Sinus & Nose Problems, Causes and Treatments

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What Causes Sinus & Nose Symptoms

The nose and sinuses are lined with mucus membranes that clean, warm and moistens the air. Here are the three main purposes for mucus membranes:

  1. To protect.
  2. To lubricate (moisten with fluids).
  3. To create more mucus, as needed.

Mucus is a fluid that moistens and protects many areas of the body. When the mucous membranes create more mucus it becomes a sticky, thick fluid, that clogs up your nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs when you have a cold or cough. Mucus is mainly made up of water, white blood cells, and salts.

Mucous membranes create more mucus in order to clean foreign particles and toxins in the air, and to get rid of natural toxins produced by normal body processes.

Mucus membranes are located in many areas of the body, i.e. mouth, throat, nose, sinuses, lungs, eyes, stomach, intestines, bladder, urethra tube (connecting the bladder to the outside and the kidneys to the bladder), male and female genitals, etc.

Sometimes it is necessary for the body to create viruses, bacteria, or candida/fungus, in the nose and sinuses in order to help get rid of toxins. All bugs are created by the body itself, just like they are in Nature. For example, a compost heap of decayed matter automatically creates bacteria, bugs and worms to break it down, which changes garbage into nutrient-rich dark soil. That is why You Cannot "Catch" Bugs, Germs, Bacteria, or Candida/Fungi.

To claim that all bugs are contagious is like saying "flies cause the manure pile", or "fireman cause fires". Of course this is contrary to the "Germ Theory of Disease" as claimed by modern medicine, which claims that we "catch" all bugs.

However, "IF that were true" we would ALL have ALL of the bugs ALL of the time because they are everywhere! That means life on Earth could not have happened! We would also never be able to get over a cold, flu, or any other disease where bugs are present, since we would constantly be re–infecting ourselves.


  1. First, it is most important to get healthy by following Bee’s Candida Program, which is an OVERALL Healthy Program that improves anyone’s health, as witnessed by these miraculous Success Stories. To know what you need to do to take charge of your health and life! Read:
    How to Successfully Overcome Candida.
  2. Then work on eliminating toxic substances in the air you breathe, i.e. molds, toxic fumes from carpets and other synthetic materials, air fresheners, most candles (except beeswax), cleaning fluids evaporating from dry–cleaned clothes, fumes, and any contact with toxic household cleaning products, perfumes, body care products, shampoo, bar soap, laundry soap, etc., see Toxins – Environmental, Household, Personal Care, Etc.
    To treat molds see Eliminate Molds in Your Home. Also rip out synthetic carpets and replace them with natural wool or cotton carpets or rugs, wood or cork. Seek out natural, non-toxic household cleaning and body care products.
  3. Also eliminate medical drugs and over-the-counter medicines, which are toxic and poisonous to the body, including birth control pills and hormones, i.e. estrogen and any hormones to treat adrenal glands, allergies, etc. Some drugs need to slowly be decreased over a period of time with the doctor’s help.

Getting Healthy is Most Important, which is done by:

  1. Consuming the correct combination of nutrients all Human needs in order to be healthy.
  2. Eliminating damaging foods.
  3. Eliminating toxins in general.

When you are healthy your body will not need to create bugs, bacteria, candida/fungi, etc. It’s like the manure pile and the flies, with the manure pile representing the poor condition of the body. You cannot get rid of the manure pile by killing off the flies. You must clean up the manure pile instead, which means getting healthy according to Nature’s Laws on Health & Healing.

To Achieve Some Level of Comfort Do These Treatment