Success Story by Alexandra

I’m almost at the end of the trip, if you count in months… one more to go, to cover my “in utero” life [9 months in the womb], and then I’m tagging on a few weeks just in case. It’s been more than 2 years.   As Bee and Heather pointed out, most of us spend less time on the forum as we get more well.  I remember my early days on the list, and the frustration that I occasionally felt because these people were “absent”.  However, I now understand it better.  The diet really takes care of itself, after a while.  As the mind and body function better, our focus moves to other aspects of our lives – at least this is what has happened for me. 

As for cheating—I just don’t.  I have no desire to.  It might seem like an incomprehensible frame of mind if you are early in the diet.  I know I used to count weeks and months since I started, and to think about all the things I wished I was eating.  I almost never eat out.  Finding food which is truly on-diet and not affected by [bad] ingredients can be tricky, which is only one reason, but I get an immediate reaction if the food isn’t “kosher” [according to Bee’s diet].  I feel great that my body clears it out immediately, but you know what?  If I can predict diarrhea and headache from looking at a plate of food, I really don’t want to eat that plate of food anymore. 

I had a long list of dis-eases when I first started on this diet, and it is ALL gone.  Things I never associated with dis-ease have improved and disappeared also.  There are other members of the group who started off in worse shape than I did, but I was miserable, and my quality of life was poor.  I never, ever want to go back there.  So wheat is never coming back into my diet. 

I am looking forward to adding in CHEESE! and milk (both unpasteurized, of course) this Spring.  I actually fantasize about the cheese, LOL. 

I hope this inspires you, and as your body becomes healthy, your mind changes, too. It’s a really awe–inspiring thing. You will love it! Keep up the fight. 

Best, Alexandra
Feb 28, 2011