General Success Story by Ali

22 months on Bee’s Program.

I have been able to reduce my insulin use to half of what I was taking, have no further need of blood pressure tablets or any other diabetic medication, have got rid of my 'diabetic complications' - the neuropathy and the gouty toes, rarely have any liver of pancreatic pain, have a much improved digestion, no more stomach pain, gas, bloating or distention and a stronger upper back, can now run upstairs, have lost all the 'age spots' from the backs of my hands, am no more a walking 'fungus-factory' with fungal patches in every nook and cranny, athlete's foot, dandruff or thrush, don't have restless legs or burning feet any more, or palpitations, hot flushes or night sweats, and I don't need any deodorant because I don't stink any more!  I too am 54 and was diagnosed diabetic in 1997. Although I still am not even yet halfway in my healing journey, I am healthier now than I was 15 years ago.