General Success Story by Ali


June 17, 2010 

Well I have been on Bee’s diet proper for 10 weeks. Admittedly I was already pretty low-carb and all natural anyway beforehand and had been for two years, but have now removed all sugar/fruit/starchy carbs from my diet, and have just been taking the electrolyte drink, egg drink and eating mainly protein, fats and a little cooked veggies. 

I have noticed over the last few days that toxins have started to abate. Pongy armpits in the morning have gone, brown tongue and other deposits have radically improved, breath is not nearly as bad, lymph swelling is going down and I am absolutely chuffed to bits. 

Really didn’t think it was going to happen at one point and am amazed that it has cleared it so quickly. The enemas helped, and the Epsom salt baths undoubtedly, but those little eggies and the coconut oil have been an absolute blessing. 

I am re-reading ‘Eat fat and grow slim’ by Richard Mackarness (that I have had for over 25 years!). Way back in 1958 he advocated a very low carbohydrate diet for successful weight loss and as a Doctor who treated many patients he found that this regime even helped his patients with ‘mental’ and neurological problems, etc. 

Wish I had taken it all on board way back then. He even mentioned coconut oil! 

Well, I am off to have my egg drink. 

Thanks so much Bee. I was a good way there before (had already started to heal, but at a much lower speed) but your research and understanding seems to have popped the icing on the top. No more nasty carbs for me – ever.

July 26, 2010 

I am diabetic and I’ve gone from taking 40 units of insulin and 3 Metformin per day – and still being way too high, to just 10 units and 1 Metformin every two or three days, and being in or around normal blood sugar. I also threw my blood pressure tablets away a few weeks after going low-carb. The less medication in any form I need to take, the better. 

When my body is healed, I really hope not to have to use the insulin or Metformin at all. 

A naturally-based, naturally low-carb diet is how Humans were designed to eat and those cultures and communities who still eat that way do not get the Western Diseases like Diabetes that follow hard on heels of the highly processed Western Diet wherever it goes. This is why, although Bee’s diet works for Candida as well, she has changed it’s name to Bee’s Healing Diet. It works.