Success Story by Amy

October 23, 2006

Hello Bee, 

I just wanted to update you on my progress in the last week. Seeing as it was a new moon this weekend I looked to squeeze as many new things into the week and weekend as possible as the new moon period helps things go smoothly!! I think so anyway but maybe it’s superstition!! Here’s what I’ve done: 

Eggs – For the last week I have had up to 8 eggs a day, some boiled, some scrambled, poached and some cooked only slightly. I’ll possibly introduce raw eggs at some point but the fact I’m eating all these eggs is brilliant news for me!! I have not been constipated ONCE!! Sorry for getting stuck on that issue for several posts!! 

Niacin – I stopped it for a while as I didn’t like the flush and side effects. I’m taking 100mg every day and feel great when I go red and full and of oxygen! 

Butter – I’ve been eating pots of ghee for the last few weeks. I thought I was lactose intolerant, so ghee was a safer bet than butter. Yesterday I tried real butter made of cream and YUMMY it was delicious. I was ready to run to the loo after my first spoonful… but nothing happened I can now tolerate butter!!! I put this down to your amazing diet, I’ve been on your diet for nearly a year now. Thank you, butter and eggs are my favourite foods in the whole world. 

Eggshell calcium – I’ve been on 700mg of magnesium for months!! Without calcium, I have been relaxed but also a zombie. For 3 days I have started taking the calcium eggshell and I am back to my enthusiastic self!! Thank you so much Bee. 

The only things that I haven’t integrated into my diet that you suggest are liquid chlorophyll (using chlorella instead) and raw eggs (worried about biotin deficiency). Maybe I’ll look into these once everything else is totally integrated. 

Lots of love and thanks, Amy

June 27, 2009 

I am just three months into the program but wanted to encourage those “newbies” that are waffling to follow Bee’s guidelines and Neal’s humerous advice to “stay the course”. The stricter I am with my diet and “maintenance” (dry skin brushing, epsom salt baths, coffee enemas, oil pulling, etc.) the more amazing I feel. 

Today I woke with energy, vibrancy and clarity–what is that like?! It might just be one day, but it makes three months of strict eating worth it! Each day I find a bit more energy to make it through the day, play a little more with my kids, stay awake long enough to read them bedtime stories, etc. Today I felt up to swimming with them in the pool, and even have energy to take them to an amusement park this evening (without napping!). This just isn’t “me”, or the “me” I unfortunately have been the last several years. 

This health plan is re-introducing LIFE. Is there any food that is more important than LIVING life with all it’s richness? A spin on an old phrase: Nothing tastes as good as HEALTHY feels. Make it your mantra! 

Thanks to Bee and the support of this forum for answering the questions and lifting all of those in time of need. We are growing healthier together, and it feels REALLY good! I anticipate 3 strict years on the diet and never thought after just three months I could feel the improvements I have! 


October 20, 2009 

The long haul…I promise it gets easier. 

It’s easy to forget what it felt like when I started this journey. How bad I used to feel and how exhausted I was 1 1/2 years ago. But, now it’s different! I want to take a minute to give some words of encouragement for those who are struggling. 

I’m not 100% on the program ALL the time. For those of you just starting, I suggest that it will take you at least 6 months to 1 year just to learn everything, change your habits, educate the people around you (over and over again), recover from mistakes, learn about your body, learn to forgive yourself and incorporate what this program is…a new lifestyle. 

I have been reading, researching, asking, and healing for at least a year. It’s only been in the last 6 months or so that I have experienced every season of the year and now know what to do to help my body through each one. And the challenges I face and the willpower I have to conjure up to overcome each one. 

At first it is all overwhelming. Learning about new food, how to cook all over again, trashing everything you knew about food, and taking the time (sometimes an extra 2-3 hours a day) to prepare nutritious foods for yourself and the picky eaters in your home. I remember walking into the grocery store, and feeling like I had no where to go! I walked the wall (veggies and meat) and left the store. My once hour long grocery shopping was now 15 minutes. It felt so weird. Lol! 

My once 30 minute morning routine, cereal and makeup, now takes an 1 1/2 hours every morning because I am cooking eggs and peppers, oil pulling, taking Epsom salt baths, and downing vitamins and oils. I was so MAD when I started this. I was loosing an hour of sleep every morning. But now, I do it all like habit. Plus, I rarely need an alarm clock anymore. 

My body even gets up on Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 AM!! I was NEVER a “morning person” But, on the days I “can’t” nourish my body, it screams at me! I crave nutrients. I crave veggies and good oils. I crave water and vitamins…just like I used to crave chips, french fries, and beer. Eww, sick :b 

I’m not healed, yet. I just went though some retracing (re-experiencing past health problems) this weekend, and that makes me happy. I keep working at this for myself but more so for my daughter and boyfriend (hopefully husband soon). I am teaching her and modeling a healthy lifestyle for her, and that will do more for her than any health insurance I could pay for! 

So, my words to anyone who they will help are, be patient and be forgiving. Don’t be mad at yourself if you mess up, you are still helping your body…. oh, also…buy LOTS of printer ink for all the info from Bee’s website so you can read it while doing coffee enemas or taking epsom salt baths. (That’s my secret time saver.) 

God Bless, Amy, a teacher