Candida Success Story - Becky


Hi Bee and All,
I absolutely have to meet you one day - you have truly saved my life. I am 27 years old and I lost my health and my mind. I had been since my early 20's and after my son was born, things got progressively worse. I believe this was because of all the antibiotics they gave me during and after labor. These were my symptoms:
- schizophrenia
- hallucinations/paranoia
- anxiety/depression/extreme irritability
- inability to eat for weeks at a time
- weight loss, down to 89 lbs
- fatigue so bad I couldn't walk around
- aching pains, weakness
- headaches
- gagging and choking on food
- unable to swallow pills
- feeling like I was having a heart attack at night when I laid down
- neuropathy
- racing heart, dizziness, nausea
- severe confusion and disorientation
- unable to function, confined to my house

And I have watched them ALL disappear one by one. I started your program in June [2013].  I am blown away by my results. I literally have NONE of these symptoms now, other than that I am still too thin. However, I have gained back 5 lbs already! I have a new lease on life,

I am excited and able to live again. I eat a dozen eggs and tons of fat a day and I cannot believe how I feel. Thank you for putting the truth out there and thank you for giving me my life back.

We are doing your diet for our son too, who was "autistic." He started speaking the first week and has made tons of progress. I am absolutely astounded.

I should add that I saw the greatest success when I read your "great mimic" article about hiatal hernia. I saw a kinesiologist chiropractor who has pulled it down, kept it down, and mixed with your diet I feel better than I ever have, probably in my whole life. I truly believe a hiatal hernia is the culprit, from all that candida due to such inflammation and poor health. My husband is now starting the diet as he has struggled with alcoholism, various addictions, anxiety, depression and compulsiveness. I can't wait to see his progress. This diet has transformed our family.

Thank you thank you Bee! There are no words for what a miracle it is that I happened upon your site. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!