General Success Story by Esther


Hello Bee!! Please don't apologise. I have too many reasons to be GRATEFUL. You appeared in my life when I was at my lowest, after given birth and spent two years travelling by plane to a different country to visit my mother on a monthly basis.  I lost her to liver cancer.  I lost my father twenty years ago.  

I was feeling depressed, run down, exhausted, helpless, at the mercy of an unlucky strike so, me too, I would have been another powerless victim of one of the most spread diseases these days. You gave me support inspiration, insights and, what's more important to me, you gave me the power and control over my body and my choices back to me.

You show me the importance of asking and searching for information, to question what is established as the truth just because someone else has decided it. I can only THANK YOU and THANK YOU again, because the day I found you online and I joined your group my life changed for the better and happier. Sometimes I might not get it right straight away but now I see these setbacks as part of my growing and learning process.

I love this group and I wish the best in health and happiness to all the members in it! THANK YOU Bee and everyone else!!
LOTS OF LOVE and LIGHT!! ☺❤ Esther