Candida Success Story - Michaela R


I believe I was born with vaginal thrush, as from a young child, my mother said I would complain about being itchy and uncomfortable.  When you look at my family, both my parents suffered with Candida when I was growing up.  As the years have gone on, this has not translated well for any of us: My older sister had a hysterectomy at 35, my younger brother was diagnosed with liver cancer last year at 34, my father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s 9 years ago at 59.

Meanwhile, I started Bee’s program at 30, and now at 38, I believe I’m in the best health of my life and have changed my biological destiny.
When I had particularly strong healing reactions, I used to read the Success Stories on Bee’s website, and oftentimes, they were the single most valuable thing that kept me going. In the beginning, healing seemed so much harder than just continuing to have vaginal thrush for 26 days out of my 28 day cycle.  As I continued on the program, the vaginal thrush got less and less.  20 days, 13 days, 5 days.  And then one day I realized that I didn’t have it anymore.  And I couldn’t even remember the last time I did! Which was about the 2 year mark – a date that I used to dream about in the early days.  When would I be able to eat sugar again?  An apple? Chocolate? Drink wine? I don’t think like that anymore. I realized eventually, that my health was my most important asset and now I do all that I can to protect my family’s health.

I followed the program devoutly for 5 years. I was that person no one wanted to sit next to in a restaurant!  And then I started letting some cheats in on special occasions.  For example, when I’m invited to a wedding now, I no longer send The Bride Bee’s lists of foods to eat and not eat!  I used to travel widely with my job and those lists have seen the inside of many a top restaurant throughout Europe, Australia and NZ.  It made the conversations so much easier to have with chefs and conference organisers when I just emailed them through a few weeks earlier.

I’m not on this forum or the website very often these days, but I used to use it almost daily when things were tough.  I’m not in that space anymore, having now healed myself from:
- verucas [plantar’s warts on the bottom of the feet] (on and off since I was 12)
- menstrual and mid-cycle migraines (since I was 12)
- strong headaches at least 2x week (since forever)
- vaginal thrush (since forever)
- very painful, sometimes quite heavy periods
- eye floaters
- brain fog
- wild rage and strong emotions over very small things
- thyroid – overactive and underactive (such delicate things)
- excema on legs, breasts, bottom, patches on arms
- and definitely a whole lot more that I simply cannot remember now that I don’t have it!

Even though I don’t have Candida overgrowth anymore, I still reference Bee’s work every now and then.  She was my go to site for information when I was pregnant two years ago.  Of course, I had begun the work 6 years prior to falling pregnant and so there were no complications during my pregnancy and I went into labour exactly on my due date.  I had a 100% natural birth to a 6pound 12oz perfect baby girl. No ultrasounds, no stupid tests, no vaccinations.  The only test I took during my entire pregnancy (other than peeing on protein sticks) was a blood test at 8 months, to find out my blood type in the unlikely situation where I would be transferred to hospital during labour and needed a blood transfusion.  This was on strong recommendation from my trusted midwives and I relented – more for their relief than my own, but I cried afterward at the vampires who had taken my blood!

I trusted that my body was in the best shape to grow a baby than it had ever been and that I wasn’t going to buy into the industry of fear.

Please, if you are struggling with the ideas presented here, or if you are struggling with strong healing reactions, I send you so much empathy and love.  This can be a tough journey, but in the scheme of things, it’s not a long one.  And you and your family can enjoy having you around for a lot longer and in much better health.  
Please too, acknowledge Bee’s incredible, selfless work by donating.  That way she can continue helping us and all the many sick people behind us.
With love and gratitude to Bee and to all of you that ask the questions on this forum that others are too shy to ask!
Michaela R