Digestion & Acid Reflux Success Story - Susie Z


Two and a half years ago I found Bee's program. I'd just had my 3rd child and was exhausted all of the time. Both growing up and after the age of 30, I ate very well. My father sourced quality meats and milk from local farmers and we never had junk food and minimal fruit (too expensive). During my college years I really went off track with drinking diet soda and not eating much in the way of real food.

When I became pregnant with my first child, I'd just gotten off of birth control pills and wasn't very well nourished. It was right before then that I also got my first cavity (of course I never put two and two together). My son was born healthy and naturally. He received a couple of rounds of vaccines before I began researching and stopped. When he was 9 months old, I found the Weston A Price Foundation and eventually became a chapter leader. Until the age of 4, he was very healthy.

Sometime during the summer of his 4th year, he had a febrile seizure and after that, began suffering from allergies; first to outdoor things and then to animals. Of my 3 children, he is the only one to have these issues. My younger two were conceived while I was eating a very nutrient diet of meat, liver, raw milk, fat. We tried the GAPS diet to heal his gut, but were not successful. He kept reacting to things. It was very frustrating.

In 2013, after my third child was born, I found Bee and began her program. Within a few weeks my energy had returned and I felt like myself again. When my husband began having severe reflux issues in February of 2015, I suggested Bee's program. He insisted on trying GAPS again, but when his symptoms worsened, he agreed to give it a go.

We kept a journal for 2-3 months to track food and symptoms. His symptoms were; weight loss, reflux, lump in the throat, heartburn. At the beginning, he needed to take 6 HCL at each meal and could not eat pork. In a span of one week, he might only have a day or two when he felt OK. After 6 weeks, his symptoms were noticeably less. By June, he'd only have a bad day once every two weeks.

It's now been 14 months and although it's too soon to claim full healing, he's well on his way. He has become a mouthpiece for Bee's program to anyone who will listen. After a particularly difficult allergy season last summer (2015), I decided that my seven year old needed to be on this program as well. It was to the point that he was getting sick every other month. A little cough would progress to croup quickly. Although we didn't Medicate him and got through it with steam showers, mustard packs, mullein tea, and sleepless nights for mom, we knew we needed to do something. We were able to pinpoint severe reactions to fruit, dairy (raw), and nightshades. In fact, eating a nightshade in any form is what would trigger the cough/croup (I've since read that vitamin A deficiency plays a role in this. Given that I used to have a sun sensitivity that was also indicative of Vit A deficiency, this makes sense. We make sure to eat beef liver in some form once or twice a week and it's been very healing). Eliminating those things helped immensely but we still had to rinse his nose with a saline Neti pot nightly and keep our bedroom window closed at night from April- September so that he would not wake up stuffy. We began Bee's program with him at the end of September 2015.

It was difficult. Fortunately we homeschool so there isn't school lunches to worry about, but we knew that we needed to be vigilant so that this summer we could sleep with the windows open. Since we've always had a very open dialog with our children about food and health, and had then involved in menu planning, shopping, gardening and cooking, the transition wasn't as difficult as it could have been. We explained everything to our son and he was a trooper (mostly). It's been spring here now for over a month. We've had the bedroom windows open the whole time. I've been reading on Facebook about how horrible allergies are already.

I'm happy to share that our son has had no symptoms. I'm amazed and humbled and so grateful to Bee for all of her work. My mother is also on all of the supplements and has removed most sugar from her diet. She's been able to get off of her heartburn and anxiety medication. She's added in good fats and protein. She is 78 and thrilled to be getting healthier.

Much love to Bee for everything.
Sincerely Susie Z