Story by Yasemin


Hi Bee and Everyone, who supported my progress so far on the program,

I owe a lot to Bee's program. While paying extra money to doctors and getting worse and worse in my health, I developed fibromyalgia and a cyst in my breast along with eye infections, chronic constipation, swollen joints, varicose veins, black eyes, watering eyes, mood swings, chronic sinus infections, vaginal thrush, skin rash, addiction to chocolate (sugar overall), sensitivity in my throat and teeth, chronic fatigue, muscle pain, cold feet and hands, and white furry tongue.

I have been on Bee's diet for the last four months with the supplements; I have already seen lots of improvements. It has been only four months, and being on the diet totally improved my life quality so much and reduced my stress on sorting my health problems. I would never imagine I could have a chance not be condemned to fibromyalgia for the rest of my life.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now, before I never could. As well, I had several expensive operations on my eyelids as I grew cysts in them. Every year having these operations and not finding what causing the issue was really frustrating and costly. I am glad I could find Bee before my health went even worse. I can go on and on because there is no way that I can express my gratitude to this "angel heart"! You made so many things better in my life. I wish the same for you Bee and other angels around Bee helping out.

So far only in four months my totally improved health issues are:
- chronic eye infections (conjunctivitis, eyelid cysts, red eye, watery eyes and swollen eyes). I can't still believe it, that my eyes are doing so well.
- my addiction to sugar and chocolate
- chronic constipation
- mood swings
- chronic sinus infection
- itchy skin
- sensitivity in my throat (I don't need to clear my voice again and again)
- tooth sensitivity (I don't feel like they will shatter or will be damaged if I drank something cold or hot)

Still improving conditions:
- Vaginal thrush is almost gone (What a relief!:)
- There are days I have no black circles around my eyes. It is very impressive.
- My chronic fatigue is getting much better. I have it very rarely. This is the same for muscle pain.

As part of my healing process I have some retracing symptoms. I am amazed how my body is clearing all the dirt (meaning long term extreme sugar consumption as well as antibiotic and steroid use) I collected so far.

I have been losing hair, but as Bee stated, the new ones are already growing. My new hair is shinier and smoother.

- My teeth turned yellow but I am well aware that this will last only for a while.
- My fibromyalgia symptoms such as cold feet, hands, muscle pain, chronic fatigue come and go. But I know that I have hope now, which is more than something.
- My breasts are having pain these days but I know that some good work is going there, which makes me happy.
- My varicose veins will take some time to heal, but I am happy enough knowing that one day they will heal. They are also genetic.

This group is a space where everyone is welcomed with no expectations. Finding this group was miraculous for me. I can never thank enough. My friends seeing how well I am doing are already encouraged to take the regular diet to keep healthy.

I am so looking forward to sending you another update about my healing issues for the time being.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and for your hard work. I will be in gratitude for the rest of my life.