The Optimal Diet

Carbohydrates (Carbs) are foods that are not classified as protein or fat, including vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, etc.

Read more about The Optimal Diet and Dr. Jan Kwasniewski’s success with it.

Jan Kwasniewski is a Polish medical doctor, who developed the Optimal Diet that is a high in animal fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet. "JK," as he is referred to by his followers, has authored numerous books in Polish on his research that has been curing people of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. for over 40 years.

Two English translations of his books are currently available, the most recent being Homo Optimus, which translates to Optimal Diet, that contains recipes and the clinical effects of the Optimal Diet on a variety of diseases.

The Optimal Diet differs from other low-carb approaches in that it maintains fairly strict ratios of the macronutrients in its meals. Dr. Bogdan Sikorski, a pharmacologist and toxicologist, and translator of Homo Optimus, explains the prominent features of JK’s approach:

"The so-called ‘Kwasniewski Diet’ also known as the ‘Optimal Nutrition’ (ON) was developed over 40 years ago in Poland by Jan Kwasniewski, MD, and over the years it has been implemented by well over a million (some say two million) people in Poland, in treatment and prevention of a range of diseases.

In contrast to other low-carb dietary programs, this nutritional model dictates the exact proportion between the three main food components, protein, fat and carbs, which has to be achieved on a daily basis in order to obtain claimed health benefits. Here’s How To Calculate Protein, Fat and Carb Ratios.

Therefore, unlike all other dietary low-carb models, the Optimal Diet strictly controls the daily intake of carbs (plant foods). But that both fats and proteins should be biochemically as close as possible to those found in the human body, i.e., obtained from animal products and not plant foods.

The foods should also contain a full complement of micronutrients, with products such as eggs, fatty bone broths, organ meats and pork fat being the most prominent examples.

Dr. Kwasniewski has operated a health clinic, called Arkadia, for many years in Poland, with visitors from across Europe with a host of degenerative diseases. "I saw miracles happening there," said an Australian medical doctor who emigrated from Poland. "It was simply unbelievable!" Optimal Diet support groups exist in Poland, the USA, and Australia.

Despite the Optimal Diet’s clinical success, the diet and Dr. Kwasniewski have been officially condemned by the Polish medical authorities.

In his response to the pronouncement, JK pointed out the unwillingness of the Polish medical board to even consider his careful clinical records, something he has been pushing for over the years. [Note: Of course curing people of health issues would mean Medical treatments, drugs, surgery, etc. wouldn’t be needed!]