The Truth About Candida, Yeast, Thrush (fungi)

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Over the last 60 years the wide–spread use of prescription and psychiatric drugs, including antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, and over-the-counter medicines, as well as surgery, radiation, invasive medical procedures such as transplants and increases in environmental toxins, toxins in foods, damaging nutrient–devoid foods, household, personal care, and antiseptic toxins and many others has created many debilitating diseases that are epidemic, i.e. cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.

The Truth About Candida

Like many other people I believed the literature about candida (fungi), yeast, thrush, etc. however I have discovered it was not true! In fact all of the information was fabricated (made up) by doctors and the medical and drug industries in order to make people believe their antibiotics, antifungals, antiviral, antiparasitic and antibacterial drugs would help us but instead they are making us sicker and more unhealthy! Since this is about candida, let’s look at antifungals and fungi (candida, yeast, thrush).

What Are Antifungals and Fungi?

Antifungal is a word that was fabricated (made up) by the medical industry in order to justify the use of antifungal drugs to treat fungi, which includes candida, yeast, thrush, and cancer.

Antifungals are substances the medical industry “claims” will kill or inhibit the growth of fungi and their ability to multiply, which includes medical drugs such as Nystatin, Diflucan, Nizoral, Sporanex, Clotrimazole Azole, Ketoconazole, etc.

Also alternative health practitioners, nutritionist and many others believe that candida is a disease but they use natural antifungal substances such as garlic, oil of oregano, clove oil, olive leaf extract, etc. to “supposedly” kill off fungi/candida that do not cause adverse reactions like antifungal drugs.

Fungi is the singular form of the word “fungus” (plural). The English word “fungus” is directly adopted from the Latin fungus (mushroom), that comes from the Greek word spoggos, “a sponge.” Fungi include a wide variety of organisms that reproduce by spores, including mushrooms, molds, yeasts, and mildews. Under certain conditions the spores of most fungi grow a network of slender tubes called hyphae [like feet or tenacles] that branch out and feed off of dead matter. Fungi can feed on almost any kind of material, and are considered the housekeepers of the planet and also of our bodies.

In our bodies the most common form of fungus is candida albicans, also called candida, yeast infection, thrush, and candidiasis. In the mouth it is called thrush. In the vagina it is called vulvovaginal candidiasis, monilial vaginitis, etc., and in male genitals it is called balanitis. However, all of those terms were created by the medical field, and by “naming diseases” with complicated separate terms it makes us think they know more than they actually do, so we will go along with their damaging drugs and treatments.

You will learn that all disease processes are exactly the same as healing and detoxifying processes the body creates in an effort to maintain its health, in spite of poor nutrition, an overload of toxins, stress, and a poor nutritional status acquired from parents upon conception. In other words, all symptoms, reactions, illnesses, organ malfunctions, syndromes, etc. are simply “signs” of poor health, that are warnings from Nature that something is not right.

Think about it: How can diseases, illnesses, malfunctions, etc. cause themselves? That is like saying “firemen cause fires” or “flies cause manure piles”. Therefore medicine today is not treating the “causes of disease,” instead it treats “results of disease,” claiming they are the causes, which is totally illogical.

Doctors Create a Mystery by Naming ALL “Signs” of Poor Health

However, the medical industry labels each and every “sign” of poor health as separate diseases, illnesses, syndromes, malfunctions, etc., that they treat separately, as if the whole body didn’t exist. They also deny and/or suppress information about how the body heals itself, by re–writing Human Physiology (how the body works) to support their false claims.

In fact “all signs” are evidence the body is working hard to restore its health, which are normal body reactions and processes. For example, the body itself creates inflammation and infection in order to heal and detoxify an area. In other words, normal healing processes and reactions are not caused by any outside sources—see Inflammation & Infection are Natural Healing Processes.

Doctors first started naming “signs of poor health” back in the 1400s when Natural Healing was declared witchcraft, when they burned many “so–called” witches at the stake. Natural healing was declared magic, and was therefore the work of the Devil. If any person used what was called witchcraft to help someone, they were dealt with as though they had murdered a person. “…The workings of witches are never lawful” and therefore they were all seen as Devil–worshippers—Source The Inquisition and Witchcraft.

In the Sugar Blues book William Dufty writes: “Inquisitors [court who judged people on the basis of religious beliefs and activities] relied on physicians to distinguish between those [health] disorders due to natural causes and those disorders stemming from [so-called] witchcraft. Latin was the language of the physicians and the priest. So physicians came to use the Latin words symptoma from the Greek word symptoma, for sign. What the [so-called] sorceress [natural healers] had called a sign, warning from nature, the physician began to call a symptom.

“Few physicians could tell you something you did not know in your own bones. They could only examine you, listen to your complaints, then give your signs, warnings, or symptoms a fancy new name in Latin or Greek.” That way physicians created a mystery, making people “believe” physicians know something they did not or could not know, which secured the physicians’ services.

Dufty goes on to say: “Now that the competition [healers] had been wiped out, physician and priest did what conquerors in cahoots always do: The spoils were divided. The priest and exorcist took custody of the psyche [mind], leaving the soma [body] to the physician and surgeon.” This ensured that people would look to them as their saviors, who are the psychiatrists and physicians today!

What IS Candida/Yeast (a fungus) and What Causes It?

Candida is a short name used to describe yeast or fungal overgrowth in the body. The technical term for yeast overgrowth is “candidiasis,” which means “an overgrowth of candida albicans in the body.” Candida albicans is a single-celled fungus that belongs to the vegetable kingdom, similar to their “cousins” the molds.

Candida is not the “cause of” so many diseases, reactions, symptoms, or malfunctions as claimed, since it is created by the body itself in any area that needs it, just as it is created in all of Nature, which is for good purposes.

Five Primary Causes of ALL Failing Health:

  1. Lack of the correct combination of nutrients that all humans need in order to be healthy.
  2. Lack of oxygen at a cellular level and/or the inability to utilize it.
  3. Accumulation of toxins, poisons, and waste because of an inability of the body to detoxify like it should.
  4. Lowered vitality (energy) due to stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets, losses, relationship or financial worries, being unhealthy physically, and a lack of energy at a cellular level.
  5. Poor “Nutritional Status” acquired from parents upon conception, i.e. nutritional deficiencies and/or imbalances that damage the sperm and egg (ovum).

Mother Nature provides many ways of dealing with poor health, as it does in the environment, soil, plants, and all animals on Earth, called “homeostasis”.

What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is:

  1. The ability of an organism or a cell to regulate it’s internal conditions, usually by a system of feedback and controls, in order to stabilize health and functioning.
  2. The ability of the body or a cell to seek and maintain a condition of stability and health within its internal environment when dealing with internal or external changes or influences.

In humans, homeostasis regulates body temperature to maintain a normal body temperature around 98.6°F. For example, we sweat to cool off in hot weather, and we shiver to produce heat in cold weather. Homeostasis ensures we can act quickly and effectively to threats or danger by automatically switching over to our “fight/flight” nervous system.

Homeostasis is also involved when we do not get the nutrition needed for health, so our bodies are forced to pull nutrients from itself, called, borrowing or robbing, i.e. protein, minerals, etc. from muscles and bones, to ensure vital organs like the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys function properly.

Mother Nature was wise enough to provide our bodies with all of the resources, mechanisms, tools, feedback, etc. that are necessary in order to maintain our bodies’ homeostasis. All diseases, symptoms, illnesses, malfunctioning organs, etc. that occur are evidence the body is utilizing it’s resources in order to maintain homeostasis, i.e. to restore its health. In other words, any changes the body makes are for its optimal survival, including the creation of germs, viruses, bacteria, fungus (candida/yeast and cancer).

Many researchers and scientist throughout history have proved germs, bacteria, fungus (including candida and cancer) are caused by the poor condition of the body, and that the body itself creates them. They proved the existence of a single micro–organism, or microbe, which is found everywhere in Nature, i.e. on rocks, plants, in soil, insects, and in all animals and humans on Earth. Modern microscopes commonly used in the medical field today are not able to detect these microbes, since they are too small. In order to see these microbes researchers who discovered them use special microscopes. For example, Gaston Naessens designed and built a microscope he called the “Somatoscope.”

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