ThreeLac is Not Recommended

By Bee Wilder

ThreeLac has become popular simply because it is very highly marketed and advertised, but there are very good reasons not to take ThreeLac, and why it is not recommended:

ThreeLac Ingredients: Spore Forming Lactic Acid Bacteria (Lactobacillus Sporogenes), Lemon Juice Powder, Refined Yeast Powder, Spore Forming Bacteria (Bacillus Subtills), Lactic Acid Bacteria (Streptococcus Faecalis).

  1. The company that makes ThreeLac claims you can take it without doing the diet, which is totally false and misleading. Diet is most important because many foods feed candida, toxins feed candida and also many foods are damaging to everyone. This promises a "quick fix" just like the conventional medicine and drug companies do, which has been the biggest cause of candida in the first place. It also gives people totally false hopes. For that reason alone it is not recommend it, but there are other good reasons.
  2. ThreeLac is expensive, probably because it is very highly marketed and advertised.
  3. ThreeLac is processed and contains several ingredients, making it complex, so a person cannot know what they are reacting to if they experience adverse affects from it.
  4. Two very questionable ingredients in ThreeLac are: 1) refined yeast powder and 2) lemon powder – how they are processed and what they are derived from is anybody’s guess. ThreeLac has also changed its ingredients over the last couple of years. ThreeLac “used to” contain castor oil, which is a purgative (causes the bowels to evacuate, i.e. diarrhea).

Taking probiotics has been removed from Bee’s Candida Program because the body is smart enough to create any probiotics required, when, and if, needed, just like it balances out all nutrients if given “proper nutrients” (diet plus supplements).

Any probiotics taken by mouth couldn’t reach the large intestines where they are “supposedly” needed, since probiotics can only be implanted in the large intestines with an enema. Probiotics taken by mouth are digested just like foods, since they contain protein, fat and carbs.