Women’s Health Issues & Treatments

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What Causes Women’s Health Issues?

All female-related health issues, including heavy bleeding, fibroids, PMS, endometriosis, polycystic cysts – called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) – difficult or early menopause, and so on, including associated emotional and mental impairment, are caused by the same five reasons anyone’s health fails.

Five Primary Causes of All Failing Health

  1. Lack of the correct combination of nutrients that all humans need in order to be healthy.
  2. Lack of oxygen at a cellular level and/or the inability to utilize it.
  3. Accumulation of toxins, poisons, and waste because of an inability of the body to detoxify like it should.
  4. Lowered vitality (energy) due to stress, shock, injury, emotional upsets, losses, relationship or financial worries, being unhealthy physically, etc.
  5. Poor “Nutritional Status” acquired from parents upon conception, i.e. nutritional deficiencies and/or imbalances that damage the sperm and egg (ovum).

Lack of Proper Nutrition

Poor nutrition is one of the major causes of poor health today, including Women’s health issues, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. That is because a lack of proper nutrition weakens every cell in the body. Today’s standard diet lacks the necessary nutrients to maintain health since it has so many “nutrient-devoid” foods and too many toxins. It is loaded with sugars, high carbohydrate foods, man-made “unnatural” oils and fats (margarine, Crisco, Mazola oil, Canola oil, etc., includes all vegetables oils except olive oil), white flour products, improperly prepared grains, nuts and seeds, processed foods, food additives, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and many other chemicals. Sugars and high-carbohydrate foods are one of the biggest contributors to poor health.

The average person living in the Western world consumes about 125 pounds of refined table sugar every year and a diet that is very high in carbohydrates. It has been known for centuries that starches and sugars contribute to poor health, and they also feed bacteria, candida/fungus and cancer.

Our high consumption of sugar, carbs and nutrient-devoid foods has been greatly influenced by the food industry. Even Government food guides are developed by vested interests like the food industry, in order to sell their nutrient-devoid foods and chemicals. Their main motivation is money! The food industry would have us convinced that we restrict our eating to only dead foods that have no nutritional value whatsoever! Follow the money!

Every year the food industry spends millions of dollars lobbying for laws so they can save time and money processing and storing foods, that allow chemical preservatives, additives, coloring agents, foaming agents, binders, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and many other chemicals in our food supply.

These laws benefit the food industry, but it means foods are stripped of nutrients, damaged by chemicals, high heat, hydrogenation, and pasteurization, which makes them damaging to the human body. Meanwhile most of our food supply is grown on soil that is sadly depleted of life-giving nutrients.

In fact malnourishment (lack of proper nutrition) all by itself interferes with hormone production and its utilization in the body.


All toxins make the body’s cell membranes rigid/stiff, which means organs and systems involved in hormone production are not as able to do their job, and hormones that are being produced are not as able to get into stiff cells to do their job. It also means nutrients, and even water, are less able to get into cells where they are needed, and that waste materials from inside the cells are less able to get out, see Toxins Cause Cell Membrane Defects and What Makes the Body’s Cells Healthy?.

Xenoestrogens – We have all been over-loaded with excessive estrogen hormone mimicking and endocrine disrupting chemicals allowed in our foods, water, body care and cleaning products, cosmetics, and the environment. In 1994, industry released more than 1.1 billion pounds of toxins linked to human reproductive disorders.

Despite grave public health threats, industry is fighting to keep polluting — and to keep the public in the dark. The Erin Brockovich story is a typical example of the lengths industry will go to, despite the suffering and deaths in 634 families. "Exposure to estrogen mimicking or endocrine disrupting chemicals (xenoestrogens) such as dioxin may not kill, but may, notes an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report, lead to "complex and severe effects including cancer, feminization of males and reduced sperm counts, endometriosis and reproductive impairment in females, birth defects, impaired intellectual development in children, and impaired immune defense against infectious disease.

The recently published book, Our Stolen Future, brings together mounting scientific evidence that thousands of synthetic chemicals in common use are accumulating all along the food chain and are turning up everywhere from remote virgin forest to supermarket shelf. If the authors are right, a group of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors and hormone mimickers are undermining the health and genetic viability of hundreds of species, including humans. And because the implicated chemicals including PCBs, chlorine, atrazine, DDT, and various plastics used to manufacture five gallon water containers and approximately half the canned goods in this country are so widely used in agriculture and industry, the financial vitality and survival of many corporations is also at stake.

Not surprisingly, then, in addition to calls for further investigation and research, the storm of controversy around the new studies implicating these chemicals has also sparked a counterattack funded and promoted by the corporations that would be affected by regulation or a ban. The way these chemicals work is to "mimic" or "block" estrogen, progesterone and natural hormones in the body, which instruct the body in how it should develop and reproduce. Hormonally active synthetic chemicals are thugs on the biological information highway that sabotage vital communication. They mug the messengers or impersonate them. They jam signals. They scramble messages, write the authors of Our Stolen Future.

Inherited Nutritional Status Versus DNA Theories

Many women are unfortunate enough to have inherited a very poor nutritional status from their parents, which happens upon conception.

In fact nutritional status is the "root cause" of similar health problems and diseases that occur in families. Such tendencies towards certain diseases and conditions are inherited because of a lack of proper nutrition.

Of course, this is not what "Big Science," the medical and drug industries want us to believe. They want us to believe we are born with certain DNA/Genes that cause health problems, and that you cannot do anything about it. However, that is not true. You can do something about it. They want you to believe the myths and lies so they can make lots of money correcting your health problems with drugs, surgery, and other medical treatments and interventions that do more damage than good.

They do not want you to know you can do something about your nutritional status and thus about your health. The fact is DNA and RNA in the body’s cells can be influenced and changed by correcting nutrition deficiencies and eliminating toxins. In other words, DNA is not set in stone.

DNA/Genes are not a "set blueprint" of life. As Albert Einstein put it, "The theory determines what you can see." There is a great deal of deeply imbedded fallacy in DNA theory which stops us all from seeing the truth.

But remember, one thing "Big Science" does better than anything else, and that is to ignore scientific evidence. Changing your nutritional status can take a few years, but that is a drop in the bucket compared to the rest of your life and the lives of your future children and subsequent generations.

The more you do to enhance your nutritional status before having children, the better health your children, grandchildren, and future generations’ will have.

Women’s Health Treatments

The best overall treatment for women’s health issues is to do Bee’s Candida Program which includes diet and supplements as explained in How to Successfully Overcome Candida, which is an overall healing program that improves anyone’s health by building up health at a cellular level, as proved by these Success Stories.

As you progress on this program you will have ups and downs with female problems and symptoms, but with enough time and consistency your body will start to normalize more and more, and you will experience less and less problems and symptoms. Believe in your body’s marvellous healing powers if you give it what it needs to do its job according to Nature’s Laws on Health and Healing.

Any direct treatments other than diet and supplements are not going to help until the body’s cells are healthy. The main things in the Candida Program that affect the structure of the cells are "good" saturated fats and oils (coconut oil, butter, lard, etc.), Omega 3 and the oil soluble vitamin supplements (vitamins A, D and E).

Eliminate Xenoestrogens – You now know many sources of xenoestrogens that you can help change by actively supporting groups fighting against industry and government corruption. But there are many sources of xenoestrogens you have control over, which can be eliminated as follows:

  • Do not buy any processed and packaged foods or drinks.
  • Buy only environmentally safe and chemically-free personal care (lotion, shampoo, bar soap, hair products, cosmetics, deodorant, etc.) and cleaning products. You can make your own bar soap, shampoo, and cleaning products.
  • Eliminate the use of perfumes and scented substances of all kinds, including candles and air fresheners, except natural aromatherapy products and bees wax candles.
  • Avoid the use of synthetic carpets, which outgas chemicals until they have been shampooed many times, or remove them and replace with natural flooring like cork, wood, ceramic tiles, etc.
  • Dry cleaning chemicals – seek out safe dry cleaning alternatives. At the very least, take clothes out of plastic bags as soon as you get them home, discard the plastic, removing it from your home and air clothes outside for 2 days before wearing them or bringing them into your home.
  • Buy organic or certified organic whole foods, herbs and spices (all commercial spices are irradiated — zapped with radiation).
  • Water
    • Use filtered water for drinking and cooking, and install a shower filter which you can use to fill up the tub for baths.
    • Do not drink distilled water or reverse osmosis water, since they are devoid of minerals which will leach minerals from your body, and adding processed minerals doesn’t help. Processed minerals cannot possibly duplicate all of Mother Nature’s minerals found in regular tap water.
    • Do not drink softened water of any kind since it is high in sodium, which also leaches minerals from your body.
    • The best water is regular tap water run through a charcoal filter like a Brita or PUR Water Filter. That way you get all of Mother Nature’s natural minerals which are necessary for helping your body heal and detoxify.
  • Do not microwave any food or water, or consume any microwaved foods or drinks, including water, and do not buy any irradiated foods, i.e. zapped with radiation to preserve them.
  • Decorate your home with plenty of house plants, placing them in every room. Plants clean the air.

A Word About Natural Supplements for Women’s Issues

There are many health products marketed to women for treating their health issues, including progesterone cream, black cohosh, dong quai, etc. and they all promise they are the solution to women’s health issues. However, they all interfere with the body’s ability to naturally balance out all of its hormone levels, so they will not help.

It is much more beneficial to your overall health for you to concentrate on nutrition and eliminating toxins and damaging foods, etc., which will build up your health at a cellular level rather than shooting off into different directions treating separate issues or symptoms like doctors do. Your body will normalize more and more as you continue getting all of the nutrients your body needs. Your body is even smart enough to balance out all of its nutrient levels and hormones if you give it what it needs to do its job as Nature intended.

Bee’s Candida Program is an OVERALL Healthy Program that improves anyone’s health, as witnessed by these miraculous Success Stories. To know what you need to do to take charge of your health and life! Read:
How to Successfully Overcome Candida.

Why Synthetic and Bio-identical Hormones Are Damaging

Taking any kind of hormones, whether natural or synthetic, has a much more powerful effect on the body’s health than other kinds of substances. I learned about bio-identical hormones from my friend, when she was 70 years old. Even though I warned her not to take them, she followed her Osteopathic doctor’s advice. After she took bio-identical hormones for 4 years she started bleeding, and saw her doctor.

It was found that her uterus was building up a lining as if she were menstruating again, and she had a cyst on her ovary and a polyp in her uterus. She stopped taking them, and within 4 months her bleeding stopped and the cyst and polyp disappeared.

The reason hormones have such a powerful effect on health is because hormones have many functions as the body’s messengers. They are referred to as “signalers.” They are so important that all other signals within the cells are ignored when a hormonal signal is sent.

Not only do hormones send signals throughout the body to keep the communications lines between the cells open, but they also can help perform specific biochemical functions. For example, if you cut yourself, your body sends out signals to repair and replace tissues, which are growth hormones.

The main reason women have female-related problems is because their sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, etc. are imbalanced and/or lacking.

There are two types of hormones in the body:

  • Anabolic hormones that involve anabolic processes (anabolism), build molecules, tissues and even organs in the body, which includes sex hormones, insulin, and growth hormones produced in the pituitary gland in the head which are responsible for tissues repair, cell regeneration, and building new tissues as needed.
  • Catabolic hormones that involve catabolic processes (canabolism), break down substances into simpler ones, which include thyroid hormones which function as general stimulators of many cellular reactions, hormones produced by the adrenal glands such as cortisol, and others.

The body strives to always balance out its anabolic and catabolic processes, however when it is unhealthy it isn’t as able to balance them as it could when it is healthy.

Also toxins, including birth control pills, drugs, etc. make all of the body’s cell membranes stiff/rigid, which means any organs or tissues involved in producing hormones are not as able to do their job (function normally), and hormones that may be produced are not as able to get into stiff/rigid cells where they are needed to do their job.

Such imbalances in hormones can happen long before puberty, and it can start before birth due to a poor “nutritional status” acquired from parents upon conception.


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