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Candida Is “Not” Contagious

Therefore, germs, viruses, bacteria, candida/fungus, and even cancer cannot be contagious. That is because they are created in an unhealthy body in order to clean itself up of toxins and damaging substances. That’s why it is not possible to “catch” them from any outside source or from another person, anymore than you can catch someone else’s nutrient imbalances or their broken finger.

In The Third Element of The Blood, Antonie Bechamp writes: “It is the same with animals. It is not the inoculated organisms which multiply, but their presence and the liquid which saturates them causes a change in the surrounding medium which enables the normal microzymas of the organism to evolve in a diseased manner, either reaching or not reaching the state of a bacterium. The disease is not the consequence of the new mode of being of the normal microzymas; the fever which ensues is only the result of this new method of functioning and of the effort of the organism to rid itself of the products of an abnormal fermentation and disassimilation, while inducing a return of the diseased microzymas to the physiological condition.

Also babies do not catch candida from the birth canal, as claimed, since they acquire their failing health upon conception because of their parents poor “nutritional status”, as Dr. Price writes in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Chapter 21 Practical application of primitive wisdom [primitive refers to nonindustrial society or culture]:

“Of the many problems on which the experience of the primitive races can throw light, probably none is more pressing than practical procedures for improving child life. Since this has been shown to be largely dependent upon the architectural design, as determined by the health of the parental germ cells [DNA/genes upon conception], and by the prenatal environment of the child, the program that is to be successful must begin early enough to obviate [to anticipate and prevent or eliminate] by effective measures these various disturbing forces.

The normal determining factors that are of hereditary origin may be interrupted in a given generation but need not become fixed [unchanging] characteristics in the future generations. This question of parental nutrition, accordingly, constitutes a fundamental determining factor in the health and physical perfection of the offspring. This means that if either parent has failing health the baby will also have failing health.

The “Truth” About Health & Longevity

Physical Health is defined as:

The medical industry claims people are living longer today due to improved medical science, hygiene (cleanliness), sanitation, pure water, vaccines, etc. than they were before. However evidence proves that is not true! An astute member of the Weston A. Price Foundation discovered some interesting statistics about U.S. centenarians [people who are 100 years of age or older] compared to total population —see Are We Really Living Longer? From a video segment recently aired on Nova [2007 population 306 million], we learn that as of 2007 only one in 10,000 Americans will live to age 100 [0.33% of the total population].

US census data indicates that in 1990, there were an estimated 37,306 centenarians out of 248,709,873 . . . [or 1.5% of the total population]. According to numbers compiled at the University of Virginia, in 1830 there were 2,600 centenarians out of 12,866,020 people, or . . .[or 2.02% of the total population].

Summary by Year

There is also a wonderful story of the longevity of Ethiopians, Fifth Century B.C. in Life Without Bread, by Christian Allan, Ph.D. and Wolfgang Lutz, M.D., page 10:

“Observations recorded throughout modern history reflect the benefits of low-carbohydrate nutrition. Herodotus [an ancient Greek historian] tells of the meeting between a Persian delegation and the King of Ethiopia in the fifth century B.C., and of the curiosity of the Ethiopian king concerning Cambyses, the Persian king.

Finally [the Ethiopian king] came to the wine and, having learnt the process of its manufacture, drank some and found it delicious; then, for a last question, he asked what the Persian king ate and what was the greatest age that Persians could attain.

Getting in reply an account of the nature and cultivation of wheat, and hearing that the Persian king ate bread,and that people in Persia did not commonly live beyond eighty, he said he was not surprised that anyone who ate dung should die so soon, adding that the Persians would doubtlessly die younger still, if they did not keep themselves going with that drink—and here he pointed to the wine—the one thing in which he admitted the superiority of the Persians.

The Persians, in their turn, asked the Ethiopian king how long the Ethiopians lived and what they ate, and were told that most of them lived to be 120, and some even more, and that they ate boiled meat and drank milk.”

Here’s an excellent article that also refutes claims that people are living longer today,see The Life Expectancies, by J.I. Rodale.

Disease Processes Versus Healing Processes

Actually every disease is the result of poor health, and it is simply “a sign” that something is not right, that Natural Healers called them “warnings from nature”.

In fact all disease processes are exactly the same as natural healing processes that the body itself creates, with only one difference. When our bodies get the correct combination of nutrients they need, and when toxins and damaging foods are eliminated, they become able to progress towards health, reversing the disease processes, by detoxifying, repairing and rebuilding all cells and tissues.

To this day the medical industry continues labeling each and every “sign of Nature” that something is wrong with complicated separate disease names. Their unending lists are becoming more and more complex and tangled in mystery, which makes people follow them like sheep to the slaughter. In fact many physicians today deny the body can heal itself and that only their treatments help, i.e. drugs, surgery and radiation, so they are simply poisoning, slashing and burning our bodies in the name of health! In fact the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations state that only a drug can diagnose, treat or cure any disease! That is insane because a drug is a thing!

The truth is each and every sign, symptom, disease, organ malfunction, reaction, etc. is evidence the body is working hard at maintaining its health in spite of poor nutrition, toxins, stress, etc., since healing symptoms and reactions are exactly the same as disease symptoms and reactions,see Nature’s Laws on HealthNature Needs No Remedy, and Inflammation and Infection are Natural Healing Processes.

Lack of “Proper Nutrition” and Oxygen Damages Health

Poor nutrition is one of the major causes of poor health today because it weakens every cell in the body. Today’s standard diet lacks the necessary nutrients to maintain health since it contains so many nutrient-devoid foods. It is loaded with sugars, high carbohydrate foods, man-made “unnatural” oils and fats (margarine, Crisco, Mazola oil, Canola oil, etc., which includes all vegetables oils except extra virgin olive oil), white flour products, improperly prepared grains, nuts and seeds, processed foods, food additives, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, and many other chemicals. Sugars and high–carbohydrate foods and drugs are the biggest contributors to poor health.

The average person living in the Western world consumes about 125 pounds of refined table sugar every year and a diet that is very high in carbohydrates, as documented in Gary Taubes book Good Calories, Bad Calories. It has been known for centuries that starches and sugars contribute to poor health which is documented by William Dufty in his book Sugar Blues.

Our high consumption of sugar, carbs and nutrient-devoid foods has been greatly influenced by the food industry. Even Government food guides are developed by vested interests like the food industry, in order to sell their nutrient-devoid chemically laden foods. Their main motivation is money! The food industry would have us convinced that we should restrict our eating to only dead foods that have no nutritional value whatsoever!

Real foods are foods that can be grown and raised naturally. If a food item did not exist prior to industrialization it is not real food! Every year the food industry spends millions of dollars lobbying for laws so they can save time and money processing and storing foods, by approving chemical preservatives, additives, coloring agents, foaming agents, binders, thickeners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, and many other chemicals in our food supply.

These laws benefit the food industry by preserving foods so they can be shipped over thousands of miles, and have a long shelf life, so they will lose less money due to spoilage. But this means foods are stripped of nutrients, damaged by toxic chemicals, hydrogenation, and pasteurization that cannot support health. “If insects cannot live off of the food neither can humans.” Meanwhile most of our food supply is grown on soil that is sadly depleted of life–giving nutrients.

Irradiated & Microwaved Foods Damage Health

Some laws allow the food industry to kill foods by irradiation, a process where foods are exposed to high levels of radiation in order to extend shelf life (irradiation is the same as microwaving foods or drinks). However, in certain cases companies are not required by law to label such foods, and the current permissible radiation dosage is about 200 million times greater than a chest x-ray.

Radiation breaks up the molecular structure of the food and creates a whole new set of chemicals known as “unique radiolytic products” (URPs). These URPs include benzene, formaldehyde and a host of known mutagens (capable of inducing mutation and damage) and carcinogens (capable of inducing cancer). Irradiation kills nutrients and effectively renders the food “dead,” which makes them totally useless to your body.

Hundred’s of tests prove irradiated foods are damaging to humans. Short–term studies were done on children in India and blood tests showed chromosomal (genes/DNA) damage to the children after 6 weeks. Short-term tests were done on dogs using irradiated beef; the dogs ended up with enlarged spleens and swollen lymph nodes.

Other studies, including those done under contract for the U.S. Government, indicate the possibility of cell destruction, kidney disease, cardiac thrombus (a clot that forms in one of the chambers of the heart), damage to the testicles, and fibroplasias (the formation of fibrous tissue).

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